Writing Scripts 101

Below are a few resources we will reference when learning to write our scripts. Remember that his is a process that is flexible and mold-able to fit your goals and your story line. The idea is the foundation, and the script builds from that foundation. It’s the idea that sparks the script.

Script Writing Resources:

  1. Develop an idea (Follow this briefing format)
  2. Two Column Script Format
  3. Script Abbreviations
  4. How to write a video script
  5. Sample Movie Scripts
  6. Two Column Script Template
  7. Two Column Example (Completed)
  8. How to Write a Two Column Script
  9. Modern Family Script

Assignment #1:

Watch the following short film:

Using the two column script template from above, see if you can write the script for the first minute of this short film. Print and turn in when completed.

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