Vector Portraits…Your First Real Test

You now have a few projects under your belt. It’s time to begin the next phase in this chapter. You’re going to put your newly acquired skills to the test. I hope you’re ready…you are. That wasn’t meant to scare you. Take a look at some of the information and resources below. This post will become your home for this project. While you’re not ready for many of these steps yet. You will be soon enough. I will be referencing this page throughout the project as we tackle each step so be sure you know where to locate it. Remember, the more time and attention to detail to put into the project, the better the results. If you put garbage in, you’re going to get garbage out. Good luck!

SelfPortrait_Project – Click to download the assignment sheet.



Assignment Supplements 

-Contouring Eyes

-Adding Basic Coloring

For some ideas and inspiration of final products, be sure to check out these student designs.

-Installing Custom Brushes (You will need to do this before attempting to place hair features in your portrait.

-Adding shadow details using gradients – Part One | Part Two

-Adding Eyebrows | Hair


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