Typography Design Assignment Detail

The written word is one of the most effective ways to send a message. Words can persuade, entertain, sadden, inform, inspire, hurt, and even heal. Words, when combined with imagery can be even more effective at communicating a message.

Creating a Typographic Illustration

The idea behind this project is to communicate an idea that is meant to persuade, inform, entertain, inspire, etc. The underlying challenge of this assignment is to locate an image that represents the message you wish to convey within the words in which you will compose the illustration. The fonts you choose are almost as important as the words themselves. You will need to utilize tracking, leading, and even kerning in certain instances to truly enhance your illustration. Variation and contrast are the driving themes behind these designs, so remember the basic guidelines discussed in how we achieve this contrast.

Remember: The message you are trying to send is just as IMPORTANT as the design itself. Choose words and phrases that truly represent the thoughts and ideas  your image might invoke in viewers.

Inspiration (LOOK HERE FIRST):

28 Examples of Typographic Portraits

45 Type Face Examples

35 More Examples

Getting Started:

Pick a graphic (logo, symbol, flag, logo, etc) that has meaning to you. You will then need to devise a list of words that represent what you feel about that graphic. The words will become the graphic/image itself. You must choose fonts that are appropriate for your imagery (serif/sans-serif, themed, grunge, bold, condensed, etc) as well as apply text formatting (remember tracking, kerning, leading, horizontal/vertical stretch) that allows your words to create the space of the graphic. It’s important that the words you use have meaning to them (they can be controversial and opinionated as long as they are school appropriate).


-Rotate Tool

-Skewing Text (Creating Outlines)

-Getting Started

-Type Tips – Watch this for ideas on what font family to choose.

-Placing Text

-Shortcut to Placing Text


-Project Completed By Deadline – 50pts

-Graphic Design Principles Applied (Negative Space, Contrast/Visual Hierarchy, Typographic Formatting Applied Where Appropriate)- 50pts

-Legibility/Readability – 25pts

-Fonts are easily read

-Size of lettering is appropriate for legibility

-No word/letter overlap that interferes with readability

-Word Choice – 25pts

-Words have significant impact and meaning tied to chosen graphic

-Words invoke a response from viewer (anger, thought, entertainment, laughter, etc)

-Post Production Enhancement – 25pts

-Camera Raw Enhanced

-Extra color/gradients added (optional)


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