Social Network Product Reviews…Will It Happen?

fb_product_reviewsIn the beginning of Chapter 5, Qualman is making reference and claims to a social network product review system and how that systems will replace conventional product purchase decisions. He then goes on to sat that there are two major hurdles in how quickly or effectively this new system will replace the old (refer to Pg.79).

Take a look at those points made after reading through page 80. Post here and let me know your thoughts? Is this happening already? Will it ever happen? Why or why not?

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  1. I think that social media sites like Facebook will eventually take over with doing reviews for products. People like to know what their friends think about a certain product rather than a complete stranger. Speaking from experience, I’ve gone to buy something from a site and go straight for the reviews. Though, after doing that, I talk to my friends to see their experience with it. I would trust my friend over a stranger, any day. If social media would start offering reviews, I wouldn’t have to wait a few days to find out what my friends think about the product. Everything would just be easier.

  2. I think that Qualman is dealing with a perfect world when he writes the article about people using social media for reviews. I have recently bought a book online. I always read through the reviews before I buy it. However with this last book, a friend of mine told me to read it. She has tweeted about how great it was but it never really caught my attention until she told me in person. She and I have similar tastes and so I read then reviews, which were great, and then bought the book. I think the idea of buying a car just because your friends like that car is crazy. Just becuase they think it is comfortable and amazing does not mean that you will. I do not think that we will get to the point where all product reviews are on social media. If I am making a larger purchase I am going to call and/or text my friends that I trust the opinion of. Just becuase we are friends on Facebook does not mean I fully trust your judgement on the type of car I want to buy.

  3. Social media, according to Erik Qualman, is moving towards becoming more of a review/product based site. Really? Is he sure? Has he been on Facebook or Twitter lately? When I am looking to purchase a product online, why should I trust that my peers know more than perhaps a professional critic or list of reviews from people who have used the product that I am looking at? I trust Amazon reviews as a customer. Never have I thought to ask friends what they thought. And besides, what are the odds that one of my friends has actually used and has quality knowledge about the product that I am looking at. Overall, social media may be going towards more marketing and advertising, but peer reviews…I think not.

  4. To an extent, Qualman’s idea could happen. Yes, people could search to find out what brand of something their friends have bought, or just to see their general review of a product before making a purchase. However, I don’t see it happening to the extent where someone wants to buy something, doesn’t know what to buy, and searches to see what their friends have bought to help make a decision. First of all, I think that’s a little far fetched. What adult says to themselves, “I want to spend some money. But I don’t need or want anything. Let’s see what my friends bought recently so I can get the same product as them.” Plus, I don’t think that anything like this idea is very popular today. I don’t see many people posting on Facebook or Twitter asking for product reviews. However, to some extent, I could see something like this happening in the near future.

  5. I think Qualman does have a very vaild point when he writes that people are using social media for reviews. I have done this myself when I was trying to decide on a iPhone I read reviews and looked at the differences to choose the iPhone and, alot of reviews said the iPhone5 had a lot of glitches and issues so I went with the 4S and, I even looked up hashtags to see which one had more issues. I don’t think social media is taking over peoples real decision making entirely some people may ask people in person because, I do that as well but, I do think people are using social media for reviews it’s also based on the person as well some people take some peoples opinions differently.

  6. I don’t think that people are using social media sites to see what people think about a product. If I’m unsure what phone to get and I’m interested in the iPhone and a friend posts something on Facebook saying great comments about the iPhone then I’m more than likely to lean towards getting the iPhone. If I’m buying something online from for example, on ebay if I looked at the review section and most of them are bad then I will do a little more research and see if I really want to buy it and I ask a friend but just because they say its bad or good doesn’t mean I will agree with them about that product. I think that qualman is blowing the people are using social media for reviews thing out of proportion. Yes, if someone really likes a product he/she will post about it on their social media site but I don’t think that people are using social media for reviews.

  7. I think Qualman is right about using social media for reviews. I do not think that it will go in the direction that he is predicting, however. Searching Facebook for a keyword/hashtag of a product to look for reviews is a smart move. Reading what your friends have to say about a product could assist someone on deciding to buy that product. On the other hand, people are not going to use just strictly social media for reviews. Personally, I only read Amazon reviews because Amazon is where I buy products. I think there are always going to be other sites other than social media to find product reviews.

  8. When I purchase items online I definitely look at the reviews first, ESPECIALLY when it comes to products that are electronics. Now, when it comes to which reviews I look at I personally just look at the reviews of customers who have purchased the item even if I don’t know them. I don’t purchase a ton of products online so I don’t have a lot of experience in searching reviews but I do know that social media has increasingly gotten to be a large center of consumer reviews on certain items. In this I do believe that people will continue to use social media to find reviews about a specific item and I believe it will continue to grow. Social media is still relatively young and there is so much that can be done when utilizing it. Eventually the only reviews that will be even considered will be those of experts or friends on social media.

  9. Social reviews are already used to a high degree, and are well respected by the people that use them. The points that Qualman is concerned about should honestly be of no concern at all. Enough people have a strong enough desire to be heard that a lack of reviews will most likely be inexistent. Also, people well trust firsthand accounts of what someone thought of someone, so I claim that reviews on social media will continue to increase in use.

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