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As we kick off our unit in politics, we will need to look at the role social media plays from several different angles, including the reporters themselves. The quick access to political commentary as it happens via social media has changed the way news is delivered. We have gone from a few select reporters bringing us the news to hundreds of reporters sending out news as fast as they can type, even if they’re a thousand miles away.

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Pay careful attention to John Dickerson’s recommendation toward the end about pulling social media usage down some. Do you think it’s realistic? Why or why not? Do you think social media usage in press coverage is a good thing? Why or why not?

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  1. John Dickersons recommendation about pulling social media usage down, I think that could be beneficial but I don’t think it’s very realistic. I don’t think its realistic because in reality you can’t control social media it’s going to get there somehow but, I think with having it in social media it gets more people involved it lets people know on the spot what is going on instead of watching it on the news later. It could be beneficial in a way though because, then it would take more of a thought process and we live in such a fast paced world that sometimes whats being said could potentially be a problem but, then again I don’t really see an issue with social media being used in press coverage we all kind of deserve to know whats going on if we choose to know or otherwise.

  2. “Social Media and Politics”

    John Dickerson’s recommendation at the end of this video is unrealistic. Taking reporters “out of the bubble” defeats the purpose of modern day reporting. Times are changing, the way to get news and current events (especially in politics) is through social media. It’s the new way to get up to date, live-streaming information. That’s what reporters are for, giving you up to date information. Taking them out of social media, even for short amounts of time, removes them from the source of information. It isn’t practical.
    I don’t think that social media in the press is a bad thing. I think it is a useful tool that helps the press. It not only helps them to get their information quickly but also to release information quickly to large amounts of people. It also helps them remain appealing to the average American. American’s base their day on social media. Taking that away from reporters wouldn’t make sense.

  3. John Dickerson recommends that reporters should not give the minute to minute updates but instead have just the day to day update. I am not sure that this is realistic. People have gotten used to having information the second that they need it from thousands of miles away. I think that it sounds like a great idea to get a new perspective and force people out of the bubble. I think that using social media in press coverage is both a good and bad thing. I think that people can have clouded judgement when they use social media because it is so accessible. Also, I do not believe that 140 characters are enough to fully educate the public on important issue like the election. Something somewhere gets lost in the translation to 140 characters.

  4. John Dickerson’s recommendation toward pulling social media usage down is very unrealistic. People aren’t just going to stop using social media on a daily basis. It’s a part of their lives now. Why would any one want to move backwards, so to say, with new ways of doing things? Though, I’m not sure if the press should be using it to cover a story. The internet it very bias. People are posting about their opinions all the time on social networking sites, so it could be very hard to remain neutral about your story when their are so many opinions laid out in front of you.

  5. I do not think pulling social media usage down some is realistic. Social media feeds information about many topics, good or bad, to many people. Nowadays, most people don’t have to turn the TV on to get the news. They can get on Twitter or Facebook to receive information. Social media usage in press coverage works the same way. People can receive information and see other people’s opinions. This can end up being a good or bad thing. Someone may be strongly opinionated and can share a negative thought with the whole world with a click of a button. Also, everyone knows that stories can change as people talk with one another. This may affect someone in a way that they receive false information. Either way, social media usage is realistic for many people to receive information on press coverage along with other news.

  6. “Social Media…Politics and Reporting”

    John Dickerson recommends that social media usage by reporters and other during campaigns should be lessened to give them a more objective and impersonal view on elections. I agree that reporters should be objective and deliver the information without leading points or bias, but this is never going to happen. When the campaigns take place, social media sites are cluttered ridiculously with nonsense and peoples’ ignorant opinions.

    Social media being involved in politics is mainly a negative thing. Sure you have the ability to stream the events, but people who know nothing about what they’re discussing are free to pollute others’ minds or opinions with information that could be overbearingly false.

  7. Dickerson points to the interesting idea of drooping the amount of social media used in reporting. I do appreciate that he wants to return to a more classic feeling of reporting, but I highly doubt that many more than any reporters will be satisfied by or agree with his plan. His way extremely drops the number of facts that could be covered by the reporters. Overall, I think it’s a bad, unnecessary idea. Nothing is being improved, so it should be ignored.

  8. I don’t really think that social media should necessarily be pulled or lowered when it comes to the minute by minute news updates that reporters around the world are posting. I understand that the reports can be “lost in translation” based on the fact that they can be updated out of emotion but I believe that the American people truly appreciate the minute by minute news updates so that they aren’t left in the dark. I believe that they enjoy getting the news as soon as it happens. Personally I don’t believe it is realistic to say that social media should be lowered or dropped when it comes to the minute by minute news updates via twitter!

  9. John Dickerson’s recommendation to pulling social media down is not a good idea and it’s unrealistic. Like it or not news gets out quicker on social media then it does on the news. If they were to pull social media down then people would have to wait for the news and that could be some time. Also with social media it’s so quick and the information is all right there it is very useful for the news to be on social media. Even if they tried to stop it they would fail because there’s no way in stopping what the people want to post on their social media accounts let alone if it’s their job and there a reporter and that’s what they do.

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