Social Media. Interactive Media. One in the Same?

While this course is titled, “Interactive Media,” we will be dealing with social media and its impacts frequently. Read the following handout and create a post, titled, “Interactive Vs. Social Media.” In that post, explain to me whether you consider social media a form of interactive media and why. Be sure to include information pulled from the above article.  Please review the rubric for detailed information regarding what is expected in this post.

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  1. “Interactive VS Social Media”

    Social media has become interchangeable in many people’s eyes over the past few years. This is however incorrect. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter just fall under the broad spectrum of digital technology that is under the title of Interactive media. Interactive media is the integration of digital media including combinations of text, graphics, images and video. Many social media sites utilize these different elements, all have some sort of text and grahics. And now even sites beyond the obvious YouTube or Vimeo have the capability to have videos uploaded to them such as Facebook. However, this does not make them the same as Interactive media. By definition, social media isis a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn’t allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content. ( Despite the similarities between the definitions, Interactive media still encompasses and includes far more categories and spectrums of digital multimedia than just the term social media.

  2. I think that social media is interactive media but, they all have there similarities and differences. The defintion of interactive media is a combination of electronic, text, graphics, moving images and sound all constructed so that a person can share and interact for different and varried appropriate reasons. Social media is defined as the social aspect of blogs, and other webistes such as twitter, myspace, facebook, and many more. Interactive media on the other hand is more so in my opinion more professionalized because it is used for such things as digital television, and telecoms. Social media I think is more interpersonal because as it is used for professional things as well, it is more and likely used as a social aspect to keep in touch with friends or family like you would on facebook. Both do compare though as well because, Interactive media uses moving images and sound, and text and graphics as well as social media does. For example, on tumblr there are alot of gifs (moving images) and sound that go along with the gifs. So I do believe they are very similar things but they do have each unique difference.

  3. Interactive media is when the user has to be able to interact with the media if the user cannot interact with it then it is not interactive media. the interactive media has to show something for an example a text or video.Social media is a website or app that is used for social comunitcations or social networking. Interactive media and social media are pretty much the same thing you can interact with both interactive media and social media, also there layouts can be pretty much the same,but with interactive media it has to show texts or graphics and the user has to be able to interact or its not interactive media. With social media its obvously for social purposes, with social media the user can interact with friends and share things amoung there friends and family.

  4. Interactive Media is the combination of digital media that allows people to interact. Internet and television are used for this. Multimedia, new media and interactive design are examples of being interactive on digital applications.

    Social media includes websites used by lots of people to communicate by developing contacts and sharing information. Examples of social media includes sites like Facebook and Twitter and mobile texting. The success of social sites are built on the aspects of blogging on the internet.

    The difference between the two is that interactive media compares the communication levels between old style media and the new whereas social media just revolves around whats going on in today’s world online and through other types of media.

    Interactive media and social media are similar because they both allow the world to communicate using digital applications.

  5. Interactive media is an online world providing people every day with the ability to interact with a place that offers buttons, gauges, and animations, aiding people all across the world in advertising, communicating, gaming, and business. Social media similarly is a world presented in the form of websites and applications, but used wholly for social networking. Both have spread across the world within only a glimpse of our history, being used by countless large companies, organizations, and other, smaller groups for countless reasons. Largely self promotion. While they are similar, the distinction between the two is necessary as social media is only for social networking, while just interactive media in general is for a nearly endless array of uses.

    “Interactive Media” can be defined as anything that contains resources, such as websites, video games, or that acts in response to a users input. Interactive media doesn’t necessarily have to be electronic or digital but can also be things such as flip up books or board games! As a user gives information or inputs a specific command the type of media being used then sends back info or resources. “Social Media” is a type of media in which websites and applications are used for people to connect to one another and communicate. Instead of getting a response from computer based information, a person may get feedback from other people using the same social media application. Some of these are applications or websites consist of the obvious: twitter, facebook, and instagram. I believe social media and interactive media definitely do have a lot in common such as the fact that they are both almost entirely web or network based and that they both allow people to obtain information from various resources. I feel that social media is really just a branch off of interactive media since interactive is more of a general term. However, these two differ in the sense that interactive media can be more cpu to person than social media is person to person. Also, social media is newer than the idea of interactive media because like i said before, social media is really just a branch of interactive media!

  7. Interactive Media v. Social Media

    Interactive Media is defined as using “combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving imagines and sounds that allows people to interact with data for appropriate purposes.” Basically, this means that Interactive Media is the connection of people through text, graphics, images through social networking, gaming and websites.

    Social media is defined as websites and applications used for social networking. Social networking connects people, by way of the internet, through text, graphics, images and sounds.

    What is the difference between these terms? To many people there are no differences and looking at the definition the only apparent difference is that interactive media says it is appropriate. Social media is just one type of interactive media.

    Social Media is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and Youtube. All of these parts of social media use difference aspects of text, graphics, images and sound. Interactive media is similar to social media but includes video games and other websites. Interactive media is a much more broad term that covers social media. In other words, social media is interactive media but interactive media may not be social media.


  8. “Interactive Vs. Social Media”
    Interactive Media is defined as the integration of digital media including combinations of electronic text, graphics, and sound into digital environments that people can interact with. Social Media, however, is the phrase used to describe digital social websites like Facebook and Twitter. The way I see it, there is no difference between the two. Social Media simply falls under the category of “Interactive Media.” Social media sites give you the ability to interact in digital environments. Interactive media is more of a general category for digital atmospheres, while social media is a specific category for websites where people can interact and use media to be connected.

  9. Interactive Media vs. Social Media

    Investopedia defines Interactive Media as a method of communication in which the program’s outputs depend on the user’s inputs, and the user’s inputs in turn affect the program’s outputs. So basically, it’s a program that requires some interaction on the user’s part.

    Merriam Webster dictionary defines Social Media as a form of electronic communication through which users create online communications to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. In other words, anyone with internet access can interact with millions of other people.

    In my opinion, social media is just another branch of interactive media. Interactive media requires you to interact with the program. Social networking sites fit into that category because you’re interacting with different people as well as the program itself.


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