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With only one more day left for the semester, our social media campaign is all but over. Many of you noted some interesting details during the campaign when analyzing the Facebook Insights page.On the surface, it appears that the campaign flourished and then leveled off. It may have been for a lack incentive on our part,  maybe it wasn’t a well thought out long-term plan, or maybe our goals were just too unrealistic for the timeframe. However, I still believe there are positives to be found in this campaign. We reached 100s of people, we earned 200+ unique likes, and many of the community members at least visited our Facebook page. There’s something to be said about even the smallest of success.

However, I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. What did you feel were the positives of the campaign? What things are you disappointed in? What changes would you have made during the process and why? Post to this page by Monday 1/27. Be sure to watch the video below to gain some more insight on how Facebook is changing the way groups, businesses, and organizations reach news feeds. It may be a little enlightening.


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  1. The things that we did well, was explaining the page and getting our message out there. I think the most interactive thing we did, was the countdown and, when we took pictures of the clubs. I think our downfall came after Christmas after a long break and, little time left we didn’t really have much of an insentive or, do anything to really enhance our campaign, I also think we could have been more interactive with people on it. We also shoulda used Twitter, and Instagram to get more of an outreach.

  2. I thought our campaign had a lot of good things about it, like the message, and we took a lot of steps that helped reached the likes that we have now, like the pictures of clubs/sports teams. Maybe if each one of us liked the posts of the page on our accounts or even shared the posts to get around the viewing barrier that Facebook creates. We could have even used Twitter to help move the campaign along just a little bit more.

  3. I think that this campaign started out with good intentions. However, after we reached our first goal of 200 likes, our audience, (and us for that matter) sort of gave up on the page. We didn’t do much on our page, therefore, neither did our audience. There were no new posts showing up on our “followers” newsfeeds, so it was almost like they forgot about it. We could have been more active in our posting, and offered more incentives as well.
    But yes, I think that there are definitely some positives to this campaign. We were able to reach 200+ people, and we were able to get a little feedback on our pictures and such. I am proud to say that we did have some interaction.

  4. Personally I thought our campaign was a success. I think some positives were that we generated a lot of talk about our campaign before it even started. The only thing that I am disappointed with is the fact that we could have done even better had we had the entire year to work with instead of just one semester. I believe this had the potential to be even bigger but due to the fact that we had off school so much and didn’t have a ton of time to work with also drastically decreased our efficiency and time together. Personally, our campaign spoke to me and was really a joy to be a part of because its difficult being one of those kids that actually has decent morals and refuses to partake in drinking, partying, using drugs, etc. when every other one of your friends does those exact things. There aren’t really any changes I would propose because I think we did the best we could with what resources we had. But like I said, there were tons of people who were asking me and talking about #RiseAboveCampaign. This online campaign had/s the potential to be huge and generate a lot of traffic.

  5. I feel that we reached quite a bit of people with this campaign but we didn’t reach our goal and I believe there are many reasons for that. We didn’t advertise the campaign long enough because not everybody heard about it. Also after the first week we really were not doing anything with the page like I thought we were so that could be the reason for why we didn’t get a lot of likes on the page. I thought it went well… people seemed interested and they participated in the things we did for the page. The one thing I would change is the time frame, I would make it longer so we could be more active with the page and not just be active with it for the first week then let it go. I was definitely not disappointed in the page at all I thought it went really well!

  6. The success of our campaign was undeniably hit or miss. With a strong idea and game plan, the biggest issue came with follow up on those initial goals and hopes. Sure we generated a lot of traffic and were off to a phenomenal start, but as soon as we reached that peak, we should have pushed harder than ever. Nailing an idea into someone’s head is the only way to make it stick anymore. I personally think we should have stuck to our initial goals of having people interact with the page more. The amount of hype we built up was pretty solid with the countdown and initial posts, but we just left everyone down on the other hand. This is no one’s direct fault; it is definitely a collective miss. However, generating even that amount of like is impressive. While we may not have reached our own goals (can anyone touch the stars?), we certainly beat last year! Take that, Class of 2013!

  7. I believe that the campaign was a success. Even if we did not reach all of our goals I think there were some circumstances that did not allow us to do that which were out of our control. Christmas really hurt us because we had generated traffic before hand but that two week down period was difficult to overcome. I think had we had more time and maybe run it from January to March where we do not have a lot of big breaks from school, we could have reached the goal. I think a positive was all of the traffic generated before we even launched the page. Looking back there are some things we could have done differently but I still think it was a success.

  8. I think the campaign was somewhat a success but not as much as we intended it to be. I think we did a good job of getting the campaign out there before we even started it. After it started, we lacked planning and organization appropriate for the time frame. This affected the insights of the page negatively. I like the interaction we got on the group photos and I think this really drove the page. All in all, I think the campaign was a success for the amount of time we had but we could have done some things a little different.

  9. It is what it is. I really wasn’t expecting to get too many more likes then we did get, but I guess I’m of the fact that we got even those. I highly doubt that the campaign truly prevented any drugs from being done, but I enjoyed being a part of the process.

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