Social Media Ad Campaigns…Adding Value.

Social Media Ad Campaigns...Adding Value.Qualman discusses using social media marketing and adding value. Value to the consumer basically involves getting something out of the product or service that you individually value beyond the product itself. Apps are a great example of this. Qualman mentions the nike training app. People can download this by choice, and they are given a product/service that allows them to monitor track their fitness. This is a service that offers personal value. In turn, more people by the shoes, clothes, etc., Traditional one sided marketing is becoming less effective in today’s generation (think about yesterdays article). The day of advertisers speaking to you as to why you should by a product with little value as to WHY is not always the best approach.

Take a look at the top 11 nominees this year for the Webby Awards in Social Media Campaigns here. What value do these campaigns add to the people? What sets these apart from traditional advertising? Do you feel more inclined (in the cases where an actual product/service is part of the campaign) to purchase or use these companies products because of these campaigns? Why or why not?

RYOT News is an organization trying offer value from news to young adults through take action links embedded within all articles. Additionally, check out these top 10 Social Good apps.

Contrast these examples with this case example taken from


Posting pictures on Facebook and interacting with fans may sound like fun, but that’s not always the case.

When you’re running a business, it can be just one more job to do. It’s also a task with an uncertain return on the investment of your time and money. All this may make one yearn for the days when all you needed to market your business was to run a print ad somewhere.

Talk to Tanya Lotzof and you’ll sense the frustration. After a month under the tutelage of a social media marketing consultant, Lotzof says she feels like she has little to show for the time and money she spent promoting her business on Facebook. “I didn’t go to school for this,” Lotzof says. “This is not what I do. If I knew what I was doing, I would do it.”

Lotzof’s business is Chicago Speech Spot, which delivers pediatric speech therapy. When we first checked in with CSS in early August, the business had about 150 Facebook fans. At this writing, in late September, it has added only 20 or so. In addition, Lotzof says many of the fans don’t have kids and are therefore useless.

Lotzof (pictured) launched Chicago Speech Spot in June with co-founder Michelle Hersh. The two make up the company’s entire workforce. Chicago Speech Spot does house calls and works with the area’s many private schools to deliver its services. There’s room to grow, though. Lotzof think Facebook is the vehicle for that growth, but she’s not completely sure. She doesn’t have a huge ad budget and doesn’t know whether to try to turbocharge CSS’s Facebook presence with advertising or whether to allocate that spend on an email blast with an area community group.

“Our big thing right now is trying to get the name out,” Lotzof says. “We’re using Facebook to provide information to people who might need our services.”

So far that’s not going so well. The company’s Facebook Page has yielded few sales leads.

In keeping with other stories in our Social Makeover series, we hooked this small business up with a social media consultant from our Small Business Panel. In this case, the consultant is Sarah Pinho with VineSprout. Pinho began advising CSS in early August. We checked back in late September.

During her initial assessment, one of the first things Pinho noticed about CSS’s online presence is a lack of integration. When she first encountered CSS’s website it had no links to its Facebook Page or Twitter profile. As it turns out, Lotzof was already working on updating the company’s homepage. (A month later, the site had been overhauled. The Facebook link worked, but others for Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus did not.)

Pinho also thinks CSS should post more pictures, particularly of Lotzof and Hersh. “The main attraction is her,” Pinho said, referring to Lotzof. “[Potential customers] want to know who their children are learning from. She clearly loves kids, so let that be front and center.”

That’s a common suggestion, but CSS has an issue with photos: Many parents don’t want pics of their kids on Facebook.

CSS’s Page has gotten around that restriction by using lots of stock photos. Before Lotzof consulted with Pinho, posts had primarily been links to articles from publications and blogs likeParenting, and, yes, Mashable. Instead of blasting other people’s stories, though Pinho suggested more personal status updates. She offered a few examples:

  • My child is most motivated to go to school when I put __________ in her lunchbox.
  • What’s the biggest surprise your child has given you this year?

A look at CSS’ Timeline over the past month shows she hasn’t followed those suggestions. By and large she’s still mostly posting links to news stories related to children’s issues. Lotzof says that such posts didn’t work because “the majority of our followers are not really from our target audience. We have posted a few simple questions and no one has responded. I had to ask my friends to respond to encourage others, but it did not work.” Lotzof says she’ll try again.

Lotzof’s experience with Facebook advertising was similarly discouraging. She said she has bought a few ads that targeted 20-50 year-olds, which have netted around 2,000 views but didn’t bring in many new followers. She also tried to start a LinkedIn group, but couldn’t get any traction there, either.

Pinho empathizes with Lotzof’s plight. “I do think she could have gotten more fans,” she says. Going forward, she advocates more overlap between offline and online outreach. “It should be Facebook in conjunction with visits to schools,” she says. Another logical area for expansion is Pinterest, which offers a mom-friendly environment.

In the meantime, Lotzof is still finding social media marketing a baffling challenge. Says Lotzof: “We’re not getting the people that actually need our service to like our page.”

Image: Chicago Speech Spot


What things could she do differently to possibly make this business/social media model work more in her favor? Think of something of value (even something small) that she could do to drive more business through her social network.

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  1. I think she should go with the paid add Facebook idea, I mean I don’t exactly know what she could do differently to be honest. Maybe on facebook she should research finding different families that could use her service then follow all those people on the page and invite them to the page, and maybe that would help, or do the same with Twitter. But if no one knows its there there not going to take advantage of it so I feel she should use more ads somehow so that people know it’s there and it will improve in her favor.

  2. “Social Media Ad Campaigns…Adding Value.”

    When companies and businesses do innovative things through social media, there can be mixed outcomes. Sure, the feelings that these campaigns are more interactive with me as a customer are cool, but on the other hand, I still don’t get on Social Media to have Nike thrown in my face.

    Most of the ads featured on the Webby list seem to be aimed a young people. This is nothing new as far as marketing goes since teenagers especially are most susceptible to the temptations of buying things that aren’t necessities. These ads are well done, however, and it is clear that social media advertising will be the way of the future.

    In the case of the company the Chicago Speech Spot, this form of advertising seems to be a nuisance. It’s a necessary one! Despite reluctance and annoyance at the time needed to make a popular and full-fledged Facebook business page along with an accompanying website, the effort will pay off in the end. The biggest thing that I see the company requiring is stronger marketing techniques and perhaps an employee completely dedicated to keeping tabs on the social media and internet presence.

  3. “Social Media Ad Campaigns”

    Lotzof could try to get more of a following if she put herself out there more, like the social media campaigns from the Webby Awards. Starting your own hashtag, and posting frequent status updates and tweets will get you somewhere. If you post more interactive updates (where a question is asked or an opinion is asked) people are more likely to look at it, and maybe even reply. I even catch myself reading through the comments on Facebook if a company posts a funny or entertaining question as their status.
    Also, you have to advertise your social media pages just as much as you advertise your business! Putting “like us on Facebook!” or “follow us on Twitter!” after your company logo, is a subtle and easy way to gain followers. You just have to put yourself and your company out there, and the people will come. You just need to be patient.

  4. Lotzof needs to figure out how to focus her advertising scope more specifically towards those that she desires to attract, which she can do by studying her target audience and producing what they want. Her other option, which might be a wee bit extreme, is to forget about her original purpose, and instead look at the followers she does have (ones that aren’t interested in what she was really trying to provide), and conform to what they want. Find out what it is that makes people want to follow her, and make that one thing her sole output. If she already has a small crowd, other people out there will certainly join, they just need to see in Lotzof what the lots of other people have seen already.

  5. First, Lotzof needs to take the advice of others to get more traffic to her social media page. Lotzof should follow Pinho’s suggestion of offering more personal status updates to give the audience a chance to participate. Next, Lotzof should create a Twitter account for CSS and also target the appropriate audience using Twitter. Maybe Lotzof needs to search for her target audience and communicate with them, even though it may be time consuming. Communicating with the audience on a personal level with information about the company could be something of value that could drive more business through social networking.

  6. Lotzof needs to attract more people onto her page, thats the most important thing because the more people she gets on her page the more there going to see what shes advertising and the more likely they will see it and share it or tell there friends about it. She should adveritise on all platfroms of social media to try to get the adveritsing out there for more people to see but her main one on facebook needs to attract more people for it to go anywhere. She should also definetly listen to what pinhos was suggesting to her.

  7. Honestly, I have no idea what is even going on in this article except for the fact that Lotzof is trying to get her business up and running with a full head of steam through social media marketing. I personally believe that paid advertisements on Facebook actually work rather well. I don’t think “fan pages” or “business pages” bring a whole lot of Traffic. I think a twitter account would be extremely helpful since the users can be constantly fed information about the organization/company. To add value she needs to make it more personal so that people visiting her website or facebook page feel like it speaks directly to them. Basically it needs to be more appealing!

  8. I think that companies are going to use social media no matter what because they feel that a lot of people use social media. That is true. However most people do not pay attention to the advertisements that are on social media. Companies are going to have to find a way to effectively market on social media. I think just throwing a bunch of advertisements in someone’s face is not effective. Maybe Lotzof should try Twitter and Facebook updates, using hashtags that are common to people. People also want to participate that way they do not feel like the company is being thrown in their face. So posting status updates that are personal and people can reply to maybe the best route to take.

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