Shutter Speed Control Introduction

As progress further with projects requiring photo work, it’s necessary that you not only have a key understanding of composition and what makes a great photo, you should also know how to control the camera to manipulate lighting and motion to create a desired effect. Auto mode on most cameras is fairly limiting on the creative front. Learning what exposure is, how you can control it, and what creative decisions you can make with this knowledge will open up opportunity to create more powerful imagery.

We are going to explore what exposure, and how to control it. Essentially, there are three components: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Each has its own unique method of controlling light, and in turn, each results in different characteristics within a photo.

To kick things off, watch the following video:

Download this document and answer the questions.

Then watch this video series on Lynda regarding Shutter Speed (Section 4):



Download this file and answer the questions while watching this section of the video.
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