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Selling “you.”

Many of you are staring down the end of your junior year in high school. With that comes the reality of applying to colleges, job searches, career exploration, etc. Essentially becoming an adult (fun…right)? If you don’t have a resume, or haven’t made one at this point in your life, now is the time to begin. While you may not have the most extensive job experience history, you do have experiences that would serve you well in the communications and design field. Recommendations for what should be included in a resume, the overall length, design, etc., have evolved over the years, and often times, many of the traditional rules of resume design don’t apply to those in the creative fields.

Your resume is your chance to “sell yourself.” Of course, the most obvious way this is accomplished is through the content itself. Listing your work experience, skills, academic and professional achievements, etc., are all ways to show employers what you’re capable of. However, you should also view the resume itself as a chance to showcase your ability as a designer. In the creative field, employers may look at your branding ability within the resume. How do you use color, typography, contrast, unity, etc., to create a working design piece. So in a sense, you’re selling yourself both through content and form – that is to say, the way your resume looks.

You are going to be creating a first draft of a resume for yourself. First draft, because, as you can imagine, your resume should be revised often throughout your life to adjust for new education, skills, job opportunities, etc. You will be using Adobe InDesign for the layout/assembly, but may use Illustrator for design.

Assignment Detail:

For this resume, we’re going to assume you’re creating this resume to obtain an internship at a media firm that does advertising work for local businesses. This ad agency has in house designers, audio engineers, photographers/videographers, and copywriters. You’re trying to obtain an internship to gain experience in these various areas that truly are all part of the communication field.

Remember to focus on both the skills/experience as well as the look and feel of the resume.

Include the following:

  • Brief overview/bio of yourself. Keep this short (no more than 3-4 sentences).
  • Work Experience (jobs you have held or currently hold). If you have not held a job, see the next list item.
  • Volunteer/Community Service. List any in school or out of school organizations you belong to and what things you have done with them (remember…employers want to see soft skills as well).
  • Education experience (list what classes you’ve taken relevant to this field, your GPA, class rank (if known), awards and accomplishments).
  • Skills (both soft and technical). You can use a ranking system as we saw on our template example, or use your own custom design for ranking skills.
  • Contact information and your name.

Examples and Reference Material (READ THIS FIRST):

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