Script Writing Basics – Three Act Setup

A major part of the pre-production process involves script writing. There are a various number of ways you can format a script, but the purpose remains the same – to convey the story and message of your video/film. It is the foundation on which all else is built regarding the production process. Without a properly written script there is no story (or if there is, it’s going to be poorly conveyed). We will be discussing a variety of elements that you should consider when writing a script, but we’re going to start with theĀ three act setup.

Watch the clip below:

After you finish watching this, think of a favorite movie, sitcom, TV series, etc. If you think of the plot, can you find how this three act setup was applied? If so, how was it applied? What was considered part of the first act? What problem was introduced and evolved during the second act? How did the story peak and end in the third act? In theory, any production you choose should be applicable to this setup.

Make a blog post titled, Three Act Setup – My Analysis. Address the questions above making sure to refer to details within the movie for each Act.

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