Design Resources

-Great Video Explanation on Color Space and Outputting Projects in Adobe Illustrator (NOCTI)

-Basic Graphic File Formats Explained (NOCTI)

-20 Minute Intro to Typography (NOCTI)

-Anatomy of Type Illustrations (NOCTI)

-Color Theory For Graphic Design (NOCTI)

-20 Design Rules You Should NEVER Break (NOCTI)

-Font Formats Explained (TrueType vs. OpenType) (NOCTI)

-Understanding File Sizes (NOCTI)

-30 Pro Tips For Perfect Design Portfolios (NOCTI)

-10 Printing Terms You Need to Know (NOCTI)

-Common Page Sizes (NOCTI)

-ACA Review Terms/Questions

Photography Resources

-Equivalent Exposure (Right Click and Save As)

-Understanding Exposure Meter (Right Click and Save As)

-Manual Exposure Notes

-Exposure Scenarios (Right Click and Save As)

-Video Production Resources

-Who’s Who on a Movie Crew (NOCTI)

-Microphone Basics (NOCTI)

Web Resources


-W3C Validator

-HTML 5 Outliner


-Common HTML Entities

-Fontface Rule Generator

-Common CSS Properties

-Common Web Acronyms (NOCTI)

ACA Resources

-Adobe Photoshop Sample Quiz

-Premiere ACA Kahoot

Free Stock Photos

Morgue File | Stock Vault | Public Domain Images | Stock.xchng (Requires Account Activation) | Creative Commons | FreeStockPhotos | Pixel Perfect Images | Photogen (Requires Registration) | Free Image Files | USG Flickr 

Brush Packs/Downloads

Realistic Hair Brush Pack | 27 More Sets | 60 More Sets (NOTE:SOME ARE BLOCKED) |

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: Click To Open|Right Click To Download

Misc. Resources/Utilities:

Adobe Color

Color Scheme Designer

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Fonts: | Google Fonts | Font Squirrel


Tutorial Ideas

-10 Essential Tips & Tools

 – Tuts+ Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

 – Tuts+ Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

-25 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should Know

Daily Tips
 – 9.16.11Changing Display Increments in Illustrator-From Pixels to Inches…and Back The Other Way.

 – 9.21.11-Transitioning from curves to straight lines -An Easier Alternative to Pen Tool Curve/Straight Line Transitions.

 – 10.5.11-Eye contours for your vector portrait – Using the Pathfinder panel to trim around the eyes.

 – 10.5.11-Coloring your vector portrait – A look at the “skintones” swatch and adding color to your vector portrait.

 – 10.6.11-Installing Brushes In Illustrator – Expanding your options with the Pen Tool and more.

 – 10.7.11-Adding shadow detail to your vector portrait – Using gradients to create depth.

 – 10.7.11Adding shadow detail to your vector portrait (continued).

 – 10.11.11-Adding Eyebrows to your vector portrait – Using custom brushes for the added touch.

 – 10.11.11Adding brush strokes to create hair effect – Using custom brushes to add hair detail.

 – 10.13.11Ai to workflow (Part 1) – Exporting Illustrator files to Photoshop.

 – 10.13.11Project enhancements using Adobe Camera Raw – Make your colors more vibrant for printing.

 – 10.18.11Skewing Text in Adobe Illustrator – Creating Outlines for More Options.

 – 10.21.11Getting started with your typography poster – Document setup and tracing.

 – 10.21.11Tips for choosing a font – Help getting started with the typography poster.

 – 10.21.11-Placing text into typography poster.

 – 10.21.11-Shortcut for placing text-Arrange your text ahead of time…you will save some time.

 – 11.2.11-Exporting your full artboard-One extra option to remember to ensure you export the exact size of your artboard.

 – 11.4.11-Installing Custom Fonts

 – 1.4.12 – Creating a new document profile-Use this for creating your custom brush template.

 – 1.4.12 – Creating custom brushes in Illustrator

 – 1.4.12 – Saving custom brush libraries in Illustrator

 – 1.5.12 – Using the line, arc, spiral, and polar grid tools in conjunction with the distortion tools to create custom brushes.

 – 1.6.12 – Submitting brush files for grading

 – 1.11.12 – Logotype Revision Tips – Achieving contrast while maintaining simplicity.

 – 1.12.12 – Creating reflections in Illustrator

 – 1.20.12 – Optimizing files for print-Cropping and adjusting resolution (Pt.1 of the series)

 – 1.20.12 – Optimizing files for print-Setting black point, white point, and middle gray (Pt.2 of the series)

 – 1.20.12 – Optimizing files for print-Setting Input/Output tones (Pt.3 of the series)

 – 1.24.12 – Creating a custom brush template in Photoshop.

 – 1.24.12 – Exploring the brush panel – Customize your brushes!

 – 1.24.12 – Creating custom PS brushes in Illustrator – Lots of creative options here.

 – 1.24.12 – Creating custom PS brushes from images.

 – 2.2.12 – Saving brush presets/Appending Lists – All you need to know to keep those brushes organized.