Remembering 9/11.

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12 years ago today, our country bore witness to one of the most catastrophic attacks on domestic soil. As time passes, so does the memory for some. Others, it’s as fresh in their minds as if it happened yesterday. It’s important that we do not forget those lost in these attacks, and remember to be thankful for what we do have.

With that being said, we’ve seen a few major events unfold across the globe (and even here) with the advent of social media. During the Connecticut school shooting, we received real time updates from in field reporters and news agencies before the news broadcast it on TV. During the Boston marathon bombing, onsite spectators were tweeting what was happening around them, describing the chaotic events as they unfolded.

Social media has turned the table on news. Where it used to be all of the information was held by a few major networks and distributed in a scheduled time manner (print or tv), now EVERYONE has the ability to publish real time news.

If Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., all had existed during the 9/11 attacks, how do you think this would have affected those involved directly and indirectly? Think about first responders and those on the ground in the immediate area. What implications could social media had? Positive and negative?

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  1. What if social media had existed during the 9/11 attacks?

    Well, the thing about social media today is, whether intentionally or not, it sometimes glamorizes tragedies. There would be people posting pictures of the towers crumbling on Instagram, making sure of course to use their favorite filters. It’s kind of chilling to think people could have been saying #whatsgoingon instead of doing everything they could to perhaps help if they could.

    The attack was kind of the faststest sharing of information in my memory. It seemed within an hour everybody in the entire country knew about it and was watching. This was between only TV, phones, and some email. In the modern age of Twitter and Facebook, the world would have know in literally seconds. It’s mind boggling to think of how fast the barriers of communication have been obliterated.

    Another chilling thought is what people from within the tower might have been tweeting. Perhaps goodbyes to loved ones somewhere. Maybe this might have been a consolation to other people.

    I think the entire event would have been handled differently socially had modern social media existed.

  2. One thing I think that would have been a result of having social media at this time is that the United States would have been all on the same page…I think at that time there was a lot of uncertainty and questioning about what was going on and so I think if “Twitter” or “Facebook” had been available at that time, the majority of the people could have had instantaneous access to the knowledge of what was actually happening and most people would have had a better understanding based on 1st person accounts from people and news stations posting the events to these social media sites. HOWEVER, there is the possibility that people on these sites could have posted exaggerated, untrue, or misleading information regarding the events that took place that day on 9/11.

  3. I think that it definitely would have been a positive if there was social media back when it first happened . A lot of people would have had contact with their loved ones sooner than what they did. I remember when it happened, my mom’s friend was trying to call her sister to make sure that she made it out safely and it took a few hours for her to find out. If there would have been social media back then, information would have gotten out very quickly and loved ones would have had a little comfort in knowing what happened. As for the responders, they could have gotten their a little sooner if a victim was twitting about the attack. Possibly, numerous lives could have been saved that day 12 years ago.

  4. If more social media had exsited during the 9/11 attacks, people involved would be affected differently and those on the immediate area might have responded differently. First, those in the area would immediately post statuses/photos on social media. There would be a continuous feed of tweets and statuses about the attack. This would lead to lots of worries and confusion for relatives of those invovled.

  5. If social media were existent during the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I think the panic would have been worse. Widespread panic was already an issue when this happened 12 years ago. But imagine the panic if you were just browsing through a social media site and you saw posts and pictures describing the attacks in real time. Everyone would be posting frantic statuses and tweets, and the whole country would be watching it unfold. Newscasts were our main source of information during the attacks, but social media would have added countless more sources.
    I don’t think that social media would have only had a negative side to it, though. Keeping the public informed in situations like that, can also be a good thing. The upside of having social media, would be the easy ability to communicate with your loved ones at such a time. It would be easier to check up on your family and friends and make sure they are okay.
    So, having social media at the time of the terrorist attacks would have been both a positive and negative thing.

  6. If social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was as big as it is today durring the 9/11 attack in 2001 things would have been different. Back then it was basically a USA thing we supported our own because, we didn’t have such things as Twitter. But what would have been different is the support and concern from the other countries. For example, when things happen in other countries now a days like a huge tragedy you commonly see a trend on Twitter to show concern for that country. There would have been support and concern from those other countries which could actually provide a little bit more comfort. Another thing that would have been extremely different is the images, instead of waiting for the news I can gurantee you, a persons instagram would be blowing up with live 9/11 images from bistanders and people around and in New York. I believe that social media is a positive thing because, it does inform us what is going on but it also involves other countries and lets them have concern and support for tragedies. The only negative aspect to this could be for the families affected because, if they got on a social media website they may see a status about the tragedy and its affecting them personally so they might get a bit more upset. But that could also be a positive effect, because the many people that would be wishing them the best, maybe even saying prayers, and giving them that emotional support they would need to get through such a grieving time. With not only there family but everyone there friends, people they may just work with and that can help people get through the rough times.

  7. If Twitter, Instagram and Facebook had existed 12 years ago and were as popular as they are today, it would have affected people in a different way. I think the greatest impact it would have had would be the people that had family members working in the Twin Towers. They would have been notified much earlier of the fact that something horrible had just happened. This is both a positive and a negative thing. The positive side is that they have the information quicker. The negative side is that just creates more worry for those family members because they know it happened but may not what happened to their loved one.
    Having the information reach the public sooner can create a panic. If you have people trying to get as close as they can for a picture for Instagram, it could interfere with what the first responders were doing. People on the ground however could have made it known quicker to have people respond sooner.
    Social media is both a good and bad thing, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

  8. If social media was then what it is today, I think two things could have happened. First, I am positive that regardless of what “thing” would happen, the event most certainly would have gone wild on the web. In one case, this could be a positive. People would be over informed of the tragedy and losses due it, leading to ginormous groupings of people desiring to aide those in need. On the other side, net users would surely emphasize the horror of the event, its magnitude seemingly bottomless. Small time criminals could see this as an opportunity to plunge into action, as the radar would be miles above them in a time of such public disgrace, thus being overlooked as they perform what would then appear as petty annoyances.

  9. If social media was how it is today back then everybody who had social media during that time would have been up to date on what was happening and not just relying on the news for updates on what was happening. Also it could have saved peoples lives as well. There also could have been some down sides to that to, for instince if people were tweeting about what was happening someone could have tweeted or posted on facebook false information and everybody would have seen it and believed it. I believe that if social media was as big as it is today back then it could have saved peoples lives that day.

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