Product reviews…do you need a social component?

Qualman talks about social media being a major factor in the future of product purchasing  decisions. He claims that people are more apt to trust the opinions of those whom they know personally rather than strangers on the web. Today’s post is a two part question.

One. what major flaw do you see with this argument? Do you feel this is where product purchasing is heading? Why or why not?

Secondly, when you are researching products to purchase, what type of reviews do you look for? How do you make sense of it all? What reviews do you tend to trust more than others?


**NEW**- Look through the product reviews of an item of your choice (use a variety of sites, or just one if you would like). Copy and past one review you would trust and one you would have trouble trusting, and tell me what about these reviews made you decide this. Post right in this thread.


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  1. Personally, it doesn’t matter who gives me the information on a product as long as it’s actuate. I look at reviews all the time, like when buying things online or just downloading an app on my phone. I always go to the reviews first. More specifically, I look for the bad reviews because I want to know what’s wrong with the product. When looking for an app, the bad reviews always tell me if the app will crash, be a waste of my time, or just not open at all. The same goes for everything else. From looking at electronics, to shopping for shoes. The bad reviews always show you the flaws in the product before you buy them.

  2. A flaw in Qualmans argument is that people may trust the opinions of people personally but, I go with the opinions of professionals people who know about that object. Plus I generally disagree with alot of my friends and family. When I am looking for reviews I look for someone who has experience with the product in a working way because, they know further detail then my friends or family.

  3. When shopping online, I tend to look at the customer product reviews before finalizing a purchase. I have never checked my social media accounts to find out what people in my network think about the product, however. I just don’t see it as realistic. A few hundred Facebook friends posting on your timeline… what are the odds that you’ll see a product review you’re looking for? Even if I search the hashtag or keyword of the product in question, what are the odds that someone in my specific network is posting about it? It still goes back to trusting a stranger’s opinion. For all of these reasons, I don’t see that this is where online shopping is heading. I find it easier to just read the product reviews posted right there under the product, and I think most people would agree with me.
    When I buy something, off of for instance, I look through similar products for the best deal, then once I narrow it down to a few, I read the product reviews to make my final decision. I figure, if someone likes or dislikes the product enough to make a review, it’s something I should trust. I, personally, wouldn’t make a review unless I really like it, or really dislike it. I tend to trust reviews that look the most professional and the most believable. I use product reviews almost every time I buy a product online. I can’t see myself taking the time to look on other sites for a product, especially on social media.

  4. I agree with Qualman, a lot of people buy items online and most of the people who buy items online read the reviews. Someone could lie and say the product was good or bad and there’s no way to know if the person is telling the truth. If a person asks a friend about a product that they’re going to buy then they know that the person is going to give them there honest opinion and not lie like someone might do online. I do believe this is where product purchasing is heading because it’s easy and convenient and most of the time the people are telling the truth about the product (but you never know if there telling the truth or not).When I do online shopping I look at the reviews and of course there’s going to be a few bad comments about the item because its personal preference but if the majority is good then I will buy that item. When it comes down to it I would trust someone I know in person any day over someone’s review I have never met before online

  5. Personally, when I buy a product online, I never think to go on Facebook to see what my friends are saying about the product (if they are saying anything at all). I know some people may participate in using social media for product purchasing decisions and I do think that it is a useful tool. However, I do not think this is where the majority of product purchasing is heading because more people tend to use reviews on the website that the product is being purchased from rather than getting on social media to look for reviews.
    When I am researching products to purchase, I mainly look for a product with a hefty amount of reviews. Looking for a product with lots of reviews helps me trust the reviews more because I’m not going off of just one or two peoples’ opinions. I also believe that people that take time to write a review for a product have a genuine opinion or that person would not take time to write a review.

  6. Erik Qualman’s argument that social media will soon revolve around purchasing products in reviews. Really? I see nothing to back that argument up. The biggest flaw in the argument is that I personally have seen no data to support it. I have never once used social media to look for a product. I don’t know anyone else who has done this either. I always just use the websites that I am buying the products from.

    When I am going for a product, I look for reviews on professional websites from people who actually know what they’re talking about. I really see no reason to not believe people. Sure, there may be a few reviews that are biased or inaccurate, but that’s why they average the reviews on websites like That’s why I believe the reviews that I read.

  7. I think Qualman is right that people trust people that they know but the problem is “how many of your friends are actually posting reviews about items online?”. I feel like this might grow to be bigger than what it is but I feel like people are too busy to actually care to write a review unless it is a bad one. Hardly ever do people post things on threads or reviews that are positive…it’s usually when something angers them about a product that they actually share their opinions about the product. Personally I trust the majority of the reviews that are on any item I may want to purchase. To make sense of it I tend to look through a ton of reviews to get a general idea instead of just a few reviews. Honestly I usually ask my parents about a product I wish to purchase to see what they think about it.

  8. I do not see a flaw in Qualman’s theory (at least this one), other than the simple fact that he does not cover the case of everyone. I agree with where he says product purchasing is going; people will continue to increasingly look to others, whether they are a stranger or not, to hone their searching sights. When I look for a product, I will first ask all of my friends that have a well-based opinion on the product. After that, I will read not one, but many strangers’ opinions to calculate an either generally positive or a generally negative consensus. Then I will decide based on that.

  9. 1.) I love my new iPod. It works great and provides hours of music and is easy to use. I like the headphones (short cord earbuds) but if I get just a little water in my ears it cuts out the sound. I find a little Vaseline on the tips helps keep them in and water tight.

    I used a SwimP3 for many years before it died (for the third time). I liked that device because when I stopped swimming and needed to talk to someone or hear instructions from my coach I could hear them. With the ear buds, I need to pull them out to hear – which is annoying and takes time to put them back in. That’s my only negative complaint with the iPod / earbud approach. But that’s sort of the nature of the beast.

    2.) Swimming underwater while listening to favorite music with this device is awesome. So far it has been reliable and easy to use.

    The first review is detailed. It tells of the persons reasons for buying and the experience they had with the product as well as tips if you happen to have the same experiences as them. The second review is just generic, there were multiple reviews that said almost the same thing so it really didn’t mean much to me.

  10. One of the main items that I always look for reviews before I buy is books. Usually the reviews vary drastically with people either loving or hating the book. I also take into account what the previous author has written and Barnes & Noble tells me what other people that read the book bought and if I liked those books the chances of me liking the one that I like is greater. I trust my friend to give me advice on books more than strangers but I still find reviews from people that I do not know to be extremely helpful. Spelling and grammar are two of the biggest factor when I am trying to decide if it is a helpful review or not. If the writer of the review did not take enough time to at least make sure capitalization, punctuation and spelling are correct why I should trust that they spent a lot of time and effort writing the review. I am not sure that I agree with Qualman saying social media will play a role in product reviews. I would not trust some of my friend’s review of a book simply because I know that they have different taste in books than I do. Also, most of my friends that I trust enough for a product review I am going to take the thirty seconds to text them and ask them what they thought.

  11. 5.0 out of 5 stars The Next Generation is Beautiful November 18, 2013
    By Daniel Herrera
    Edition:Launch Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
    I don’t even know where to begin with my review. I guess I could say that I love the Playstation 4 or that it works perfectly and I’ve had no issues (apart from the Playstation Network being down a bit as it was getting hammered by all the new PS4 owners). I guess I’ll just do a list or Pros and Cons:

    -The system itself looks awesome. Very architectural. It was actually the first thing my girlfriend commented on and said she loved the way it looked.
    -The User Interface is basically an upgraded XMB. If you liked the XMB, you’ll like this interface. It is also incredibly snappy and responsive.
    -Getting in to and out of the Playstation Store is seamless. Not like on PS3 where it takes 30 sec to a minute to load. It loads instantly and is integrated in to the UI.
    -Resogun is awesome in all its old school shoot-em-up glory.
    -Killzone: Shadowfall is beautiful but I haven’t had too much play time with it yet.
    -Knack is surprisingly fun, despite what all the reviews say. It looks like a Pixar movie at points. Drop in co-op is a blast. It’s so much fun with me as regular Knack and my girlfriend as Robot Knack. She is actually better at beating up baddies than I am.
    -Updated trophy support. Rarity of trophies is a fun little data point to look at.
    -Playstation APP/offscreen capabilities are nice. Typing using a touch screen is so much nicer than using a gamepad.
    -DualShock 4 (the controller) is nice to hold. Trigger shoulder buttons are a marked improvement over the DS3 R2/L2 buttons.
    -My favorite feature: VITA REMOTE PLAY! Works like a dream. Almost no perceptible lag. I was playing Resogun on it (a game that requires little to no lag or you’ll die) and it ran so smoothly.

    -UI is barebones. That’s actually fine with me but many people these days demand a more robust UI.
    -Unable to delete unused Apps in the movie/tv section. If there is I haven’t figured out a way to do it. Granted, I haven’t tried that hard since I’ve been having too much fun playing games.

    It’s a great gaming system with some great games and a promising future. The interface is bare bones (which I like) and incredibly responsive but may not satisfy people who love a more robust UI. The remote play of the vita and second screen capabilities via Playstation App are nice additions that will get a lot of use out of people that own a Vita/Playstation App compatible phone. It is a device made to play games and does so wonderfully.

    • 1.0 out of 5 stars Don’t be Stupid., November 18, 2013
      By M. Baker (Central NY, USA) – See all my reviews
      (REAL NAME)
      If you are really contemplating paying these sky high prices for a 399.99 system then you obviously don’t know what your doing. PS4 will be in stock around black Friday and just before Christmas. Spending 50 to 150% mark up on this system is a bad idea and when the systems do get restock I severely doubt that these scum bags selling them for $1,150 will give you your money back. Honestly if you are willing to spend that much on a gaming system then go buy a gaming PC.

      Don’t be suckered into buying any of these posting, give it time… or just shop around your area. Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s, Best Buy, BJ’s and Gamestop may have a few in the back for walk in orders, just call ahead.

      • The first review I would definitely trust because the person gives insightful information about the system and shows he actually knows what he is talking about. The second review that was negative doesn’t seem to be someone who knows a whole lot based on the fact that he gives little to know information about the system and plays on his own opinion of how much someone should spend on a gaming console.

  12. I got my phone through T-mobile’s deal of $0 down and pay over 2 years. It’s my first iphone switching from andriod. At first I was worried about missing out on the 5s features and that it would be quite small compared to HTC One and other Samsung phones, but I think it is the right size for convenient single hand usage. A bigger screen may be welcome in the future for better movies/gameplay/document viewing but it’s certainly better than the 4s screen size.

    I finally went to an Apple store to see the 5s that I “missed out” on. I found out I actually preferred the 5c to the 5s because of how comfortable it felt in hand and the slight additional weight of the 5c made it feel more substantial and durable. The 5s was also less comfortable to hold due to the sharp edges and felt “cheap” because of how light it was. I was also kind of turned off by how the 5s looks after being used for so long – the demo models were a bit scratched/grimy not very bright/shinny/attractive. On the other hand the 5c “ages” well. I also tested responsiveness and speed of the user interface and was not impressed. It was exactly the same as the 5c. Probably larger apps and other computation would load faster, but general things like scrolling through menus, opening webpages was no different. Next time I’ll have to try something more graphics intensive and report back but it does say a lot about the 5c.

    Functionality, speed and ergonomics are all there with the 5c. Another thing worth mentioning is that the 5c is the less “flashy” phone and that was important to me (at least the white version) since I am not looking to standout and since there are a lot of phone theft/muggings/robberies these days. So overall, I feel this phone fit my needs perfectly.
    Comment |

    Much better phones are available for the money. Nothing revolutionary except Apple knocking 50 bucks off the price and using cheaper production methods, if you call that progress. I feel sorry for people who think Apple has a grasp on the future. iOS7 also looks a bunch like windows 98 in my opinion. Don’t tell an Apple fan that, they will flip out. Safari feels slower than ever, animations lag. It feels cheap, it looks cheap, total bust.

    I trust the first review more simpy because it mentions like what the store people had told them, and it mentions valid reasons for liking it. Also, that the grammar and how it was written is better which teaches me there more educated in my opinon and tend to know what there talking about. The reason I don’t trust the second one is because there opinions and reasons are just based on that it looks cheep, and feels cheep which it doesn’t go into much about how it functions rather then how it looks.

  13. My product is the iPhone 4S.

    Review I would have trouble trusting:
    “Best phone I have ever had!!!! I thought it would be hard to switch from and android phone to apple, but I was wrong!!! I love my iPhone!!!”

    I would have trouble trusting this review because this person did not give any details about why the iPhone is so great. She simply only stated that she loves the iPhone.

    Review I would trust:
    “I bought an iPhone 4 to replace my nieces broken iPhone. I got the unit on time and when I went to activate it at Verizon, they told me the phone was on a Blacklist (meaning it was still under someone else’s account). I contacted justwireless and it took him about a week to finally get it cleared up. When I did activate it finally, the damn phone kept shutting off. I am very displeased with the products this store sells.”

    I would trust this review for multiple reasons. First, I know that this iPhone is a used iPhone which means that it will not work as good as new which may cause difficulties for the person buying the phone. Second, I saw many other reviews saying something similar to this review. If I see multiple reviews that are similar, I trust those reviews more.

  14. My product is the iPhone 4S.

    Review I would have trouble trusting:
    “Best phone I have ever had!!!! I thought it would be hard to switch from and android phone to apple, but I was wrong!!! I love my iPhone!!!”

    I would have trouble trusting this review because this person did not give any details about why the iPhone is so great. She simply only stated that she loves the iPhone.

    Review I would trust:
    “I bought an iPhone 4 to replace my nieces broken iPhone. I got the unit on time and when I went to activate it at Verizon, they told me the phone was on a Blacklist (meaning it was still under someone else’s account). I contacted justwireless and it took him about a week to finally get it cleared up. When I did activate it finally, the damn phone kept shutting off. I am very displeased with the products this store sells.”

    I would trust this review for multiple reasons. First, I know that this iPhone is a used iPhone which means that it will not work as good as new which may cause difficulties for the person buying the phone. Second, I saw many other reviews saying something similar to this review. If I see multiple reviews that are similar, I trust those reviews more.

  15. Product Reviews for:
    HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b124us 14″ Touch Screen Laptop – 3rd Generation i3-3227U – 6GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Windows 8

    5 Star Review:
    Greg “smitz0327” (Pittsburgh) –
    I bought this for my daughter for use in school and I have to say I really like this computer. The lap top is very fast, has great memory and a hard drive with enough space for everything you need along with sky drive as long as you have an MSN account. I thought the keyboard lit up on this but my mistake and it isn’t a big deal. I have no idea why there are some people out there not liking Windows 8 but I have no problems with it and just have to learn how to get around on it. What also is good about this computer is that the battery can be replaced when it goes bad which is a negative for my Toshiba convertible which is a tablet/lap top. I highly recommend this computer and as usual HP makes another good product.

    1 Star Review:
    lino davila sandino –
    This computer came damaged the display does not work , as soon as turn it on , the display did not work properly , what I saw its only lines. How can I return it?? How could Amazon allow this things to happened , completely disappointed.

    Okay. So the first review, that gave the product 5 stars, sort of hits home with me. I’m a teenage girl, who would most likely use this computer for homework, schoolwork, and just browsing the internet. That’s exactly why the man who wrote this review purchased this laptop for his daughter. He expresses that they really enjoy this laptop, and even highlights some of its good features. He does say that they have a little trouble navigating windows 8, but who wouldn’t? It’s a new feature. I would definitely trust this review, mostly because it highlights the reasons why I would buy a laptop.

    The second review, however, is a different story. It is the only one star review on this product, and it doesn’t even necessarily have anything to do with poor quality of the laptop. This was an error on Amazon’s end, by not checking for faulty products before sending them out. I wouldn’t let the only one star review effect my purchase decision.

  16. Trust-“I bought this phone because the seller advertised it as brand NEW. After receiving it and having it activated by Verizon, we discovered that the back lens was all scratched up. When I took it to a place that fixes iPhones they confirmed that the back of the phone was not original, the phone had been opened before, it had bent tabs and the wrong screws! I paid to have the lens repaired. He offered to reimburse me and never heard from him again. Don’t buy from him”
    Dont trust-“I bought this Iphone as a stop gap so I could have an Iphone 4 from Verizon without having to re up my contract- which I would do when the new Iphone 5 comes out. Bought it from this Amazon third party seller. It came two days after I ordered it. It is perfect! New and works like a dream. So if you don’t want to spend full retail on this phone, and don’t want to re-up your Verizon contract, this is the ONLY way to go!! Excellent!!”

    After reading the reviews I would definitely not buy a phone from that guy on amazon. If a person got ripped off from him and didn’t get at all what they were expecting then I will definitely not be buying from him. After reading that bad review it would be enough for me to just simply click the back button and buy the phone off someone else who I knew would give me the phone I was looking for and I wouldn’t be getting scammed. The good review I do trust but the bad review that was giving is enough for me to just not buy from him because it could be a 50/50 chance on whether or not he’s going to scam me or the next guy. After reading the review where the person got scammed I would immediately go to a different seller.

  17. 5 Star Review: I pre-ordered the 5th generation 32GB PRODUCT RED iPod Touch directly from Apple and got it from the FedEx man just yesterday (Friday October 12th 2012). For the past 2 years I have been the proud owner of a 4th generation iPod Touch, which, until now, I thought was a near-perfect product; I thus had the luxury of doing a head-to-head comparison. Here is what I discovered.

    SIZE/WEIGHT/DESIGN: The first thing I noticed is that the new iPod Touch is significantly thinner and lighter. It weighs only 88 grams according to Apple, and it is only 6 mm thick. Its edges are not curved/tapered like the 4th Gen Touch. At first this felt strange, but now I prefer the feel of the new Touch. The Touch also, obviously, comes in colors. With the disclaimer that I’ve only been using it for a day, it seems like the new anodized back is much more durable and scratches much less easily than the chrome on the back of the 4th generation.

    CAMERAS: The one place that I thought Apple really messed up with the 4th generation was the cameras. They were added to the 4th generation as an afterthought. The new iPod Touch, however, has a 5 MP iSight camera with a sapphire crystal outer cover (prevents scratches). The image quality is exponentially better than the camera on the old touch. The front camera is also much better than the front camera on the old Touch and is now 720p compatible.

    SCREEN: As you all probably know, the screen is about a half an inch taller. Apple has been heavily marketing this, as it included the same bigger screen on both the iPhone 5 and the 5th generation iPod Touch. The extra .5 inches allows one to watch widescreen content that encompasses the full screen area. It also allows one to see more emails and whatnot. However, the really cool thing about the screen is that it is far more vibrant than the screen of the old Touch. According to Apple, it is 44% more vibrant, and it covers the whole sRGB spectrum. In layman’s terms, that means the iPod Touch can accurately reproduce EVERY color that Hollywood movie cameras can capture. The old iPod’s screen couldn’t. In real-world usage, I’ve found that the new Touch’s screen is far more vivid than my old Touch’s screen, which appears to have a blueish hue and doesn’t accurately reproduce some colors. The new screen also seems to perform better when looked at from extreme angles.

    A5 PROCESSOR / FASTER WI-FI: In the 5G iPod Touch, Apple upgraded the processor chip from the A4 to the A5 and the Wi-fi chip from single-band N to dual-band N. Theoretically, Apple claims that the processor will be two times faster, graphics up to 7x faster and that the wi-fi will be twice as fast. In my real-world test of the wi-fi speed, I found that the old Touch had a download speed of about 12 Mbps with a 15 ms ping on my school’s wifi, whereas the new Touch reached speeds of 36 Mbps with a 10 ms ping. I tested this using the SpeedTest App for iOS. Web pages definitely load faster, IMO. The faster processor means that apps load faster too. Naturally, that means that the largest speed increase will be found in processor and graphics-intensive apps that also use Wi-Fi. In other words, Facebook, Twitter, News Apps, etc. I tested how fast it took the Facebook App to load and update on both devices. The 4G Touch took 10.4 seconds. The 5G Touch took 2.4 seconds. If I did the math right, that means that the 5G touch opens the Facebook App 77% faster than the 4G Touch. The CNN App loaded and updated in 2.7 seconds on the new Touch, as opposed to 5.4 seconds on the old one, a 50% difference. The faster wi-fi chip and processor should also allow streaming of 720p HD content onto the new Touch, a feature that really wasn’t available on the old Touch.

    ODDS AND ENDS: The new Touch includes a new power-cable connection, called Lightning. The Lightning Port is considerably (>60%, I’d wager) smaller than the old Dock Connector Port. This is a welcome change, as I found that the old dock connector port would get all crusty and dirty on the inside – it just seemed to attract the dirt from the inside of my pocket. The new Lightning Connector is also reversible, which means you will never have to worry about plugging it in right side up. The faster processor and wi-fi of the new Touch allowed Apple to enable Siri on the iPod Touch. This feature is NOT available via upgrade on older iPod Touches. I really like Siri and find her useful, so this was a welcome addition though please note that Siri ONLY works when you have an active wi-fi connection. Apple added a small LED flash for the camera – this was a nice touch and seems to work well as long as the object you are trying to photograph is fairly close to you. They also added a little “hidden button” that you can press to attach an included wriststrap to the Touch. This is really quite useful, as anyone with a propensity for dropping their iPod Touches (like my younger sister 🙂 can tell you. Finally, Apple included a new type of earbuds – called EarPods – with the new iPod Touch. These both sound and fit my ear MUCH BETTER than the old Apple Earbuds. Honestly, they sound well enough that I’ve been alright with wearing them for light usage (i.e. – walking to the mailbox) when before I would have worn my Beats by Dre Studio headphones. The Beats are much better, don’t get me wrong, but sticking in the EarPods is quicker and easier if I just want to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood.

    CONCLUSION: The new iPod Touch is not an incremental upgrade. It is a giant leap for iPod-kind. The iPod has long had a lock on the MP3 Player market. Even though it is now two years old, the iPod Touch 4th Generation still is a great product and arguably the second-best MP3 Player on the market. However, the iPod Touch 5th Generation has dethroned its predecessor as the BEST MP3 Player on the market with gusto. It is a far and away better product. Apps load twice as fast. Internet content loads twice as fast. The interface is far more fluid and responsive. The screen is far more vibrant; According to Chris Heinonen, AnandTech’s resident screen geek, the screen on the iPhone 5 and the 5th generation iPod Touch has better color accuracy and grayscale-reproduction than ANY monitor or TV of ANY SIZE that he has EVER tested, save for one $20,000 projector. Before I got the 5th generation iPod Touch, I was perfectly content with the screen on my 4th generation iPod Touch. Now, as I look at them both side-by-side, the screen on the old Touch looks like a piece of garbage (keeping it PG-13 here :). The cameras on the new Touch blow the old Touch’s cameras OUT OF THE WATER. In addition to being thinner, lighter, and available in six different color options (Pink, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Black, Product RED), the new iPod Touch is made out of more durable and scratchproof anodized aluminum and just looks and feels like a higher-quality more professional product. The degree of refinement in this product makes me feel like my old 4G iPod Touch is a cheap kid’s toy inferior in every way – speed, build quality, and feature-set. I am really impressed that Apple, a company that has had a virtually uncontested corner on the MP3 Player market for almost a decade, continues to innovate at such a high level. I’d give this product 6 out of 5 stars if I could!

    1 Star Review: Did not like it. Hard to use, kept deleting music from ipod. I guest this is for the kids with little fingers. Had to send it back.

    I trust the first review much greater than I do the second for probably obvious reasons. The writer of the 5 star review pointed out what he liked about the product, and then he supported those points by explaining why he liked them and how the producer of the product designed them well. The writer of the 1 star review expresses a strong opinion clearly showing that he does not like the product. However, he gives no explanation as to why he holds such disdain towards the device, leaving readers no reason to trust his review.

  18. The product that I am reviewing is “My life next door” by Huntley Fitzpatrick.
    A negative review: this boosounds really good but could someone tell me how many pages it is? Because i dont believe in bying a book for 11 dollars unless ot is longer tjan 100 pages.
    A positive review: I was seriously blown away by this story. Samantha Reed’s mother is the type of person who believes herself to be "above" certain others. Their next door neighbors are some of these people. I love the fact that while Samantha’s mother complains about just about everything about the Garrett’s in actuality its their own family that is the disaster.

    Jase is such an AMAZING male lead in this book. I love the world he opens up for Samantha. Not only has she watched his family ever since she can remember, but he has noticed she watched. Their friendship which blossoms into a genuine romance is great to watch unfold.

    I completely fell in love with all of the characters of this story. The twist in this is a BIG one and you find yourself asking what you would do in that situation.
    I do not give much weight to the negative review simply because it is poorly written and it is about a silly issue considering the book is 400 pages not 100. I do give a considerable amount of weight to the positive review because it was voted most helpful by other people that read the book. Also, it is well written without to many spelling and grammar issues. Also, I took into account the place that Barnes and Noble put other books that people have read who read this and I have read and loved a couple of them. These factors combined told me to read the book and when I did, I really enjoyed it.

  19. 1 Star Review: “When I slid the toggle “Play” button up it kept catching. Not intuitive to use. May try to reorder another one as I have heard the quality of the recorder is good.”

    I would have trouble trusting this review as there is no proper structure or introduction to the review at all. The person who purchased the product may have gotten a one in a million defect that can’t speak for the product itself, perhaps just an error in the shipping and handling. On top of this, the person hasn’t even used the product! How can you get on a website and write a 1 Star review without ever even trying to record things? There’s nothing here about audio quality or overall product durability, so there is no reason at all that I would trust this review.

    5 Star Review: “Having used to Zoom H4n for several years, I happened to notice this product and thought it might be more useful for some recording uses.
    The H4n is still one of the best and most versatile pocket recorders available for the price. What sets it apart in particular is the simultaneous 4-track recording. I was astonished to find out that in a way, the H2n can record 4 tracks as well, for half the price. Here are some of the pros and cons between the H4n and H2n:

    H4n Pros: XLR (and 1/4″ jacks) pro mic input with phantom power. True 4-track recording. Compact for the features. Solidly built. Uses easily-available AA batteries.

    H4n Cons: Somewhat antiquated interface and firmware, display readout. A bit cumbersome for true hand-held and on-camera use (although neither would be ideal in any quality circumstance). Slow to start-up. Eats the AA batteries very quickly for field use.

    H2n Pros: Small, light, and compact. Dual Mid-Side and X-Y microphone elements built-in. Capable of using all 5 mic capsules simultaneously to record to two pairs of stereo tracks. Can also plug external mic (in 1/8″ stereo jack) to record to one set of stereo tracks. This disables the built-in X-Y elements and continues to use the M-S mics along with the plugged-in mic. So you can record in 4 tracks (using the “Dual surround” mode). Uses a pair of easily-available AA batteries, which can last up to 20 hours for field use. Can also be powered with Micro-USB cord. Large, clean and clear readout and interface. Starts up in 2 seconds flat.

    H2n Cons: Seems plastic-y and possibly not as durable. Build does not isolate mics well (handling noise is bad). No pro mic inputs. No accessories included with package, not even a power cord or a foam windscreen.

    So far, I like the unit quite well. A few things I was worried about include the one-touch recording. Most recorders, including the H4n, require you to push the record button once to put it in stand-by mode, then push again to commence recording. This is somewhat of a mixed bag. It enables the monitoring system to begin (and if you are using the system on a DSLR/camera, you can use the recorder as a mic input without actually recording to the unit itself), but also makes it confusing sometimes as to whether you are actually recording or not.

    The H2n starts recording immediately upon hitting the record button once. This is better. But I had worried that there would not be any monitoring available. Not to worry. The H2n starts monitoring immediately upon power-up! (But you can disable it in the preferences if you wish).

    I have a swivel hot-shoe mount that screws into the (plastic) thread on the bottom of the H2n and can then fit onto the hot shoe of my camera.
    Using the line-out jack, plugged into the mic input of a DSLR, the unit works quite well for run-and-gun video shooting. You do have to fiddle with the recording levels of your particular camera (Ive set my Nikon D4 to manual audio mode) and set the output volume of the H2n to an appropriate level. Mine seems to work well at 50% volume. You can then easily set the audio input on the H2n via the thumb wheel to suit your recording. The unit is small and lightweight and looks decently unobtrusive atop the hotshoe of the DSLR. The readout can be seen easily and the the red record/mic LED lights look like a Tally light. The all-black housing also looks good with a DSLR camera.

    All mics are susceptible to wind noise. This unit should at least come with a foam windscreen, but a “dead cat” furry windscreen works better anyway. I have a Rode StereoVideoMic, whose ‘dead kitten’ screen fits and works for the H2n fairly well for windy conditions.

    I’ll continue to use the unit and add to the review as I go. Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.”

    This review is both properly structured and properly worded with nearly perfect grammar found throughout. This is an easy sign that the review is probably of a high quality. Another obvious factor in determining that this is a quality review is the length. No one who doesn’t have extreme knowledge of the product and it’s specifications could possibly write such an in-depth and detailed review. While singing the product’s praises, this critic doesn’t have a problem noting several minor issues such as stating that the microphone should probably have come with a stronger windscreen. Overall, the general obviousness of understanding the product and its complex functions suggests strong knowledge of the product subject to review, making this article extremely trustworthy in my mind’s eye.

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