Photoshop Brushes Intro Activity

As of now, you’ve been exposed to the basics of brushes in both Adobe Illustrator as well as Photoshop. Both programs offer distinct advantages and disadvantages with regard to the brush applications. One of the greatest advantages of brush creation in Photoshop is the ability to develop brushes from endless imagery. Fire, smoke, dirt, rock, vegetation, people, etc. You name it, you can make it a brush. Further, these brushes allow us to paint, mask, erase, and blend ¬†to create endless abstract pieces.

In time, you will get a chance to test this skill set on a project of your own. In the meantime, to get you warmed up, I would like you to follow two tutorials that involve photo manipulation using custom brushes you will create from downloaded imagery. You will complete each in separate files within Photoshop, and when finished export the final product as a jpg to be uploaded to your blog as a tutorial update.

**Edit** This brushes for the first tutorial are not available, so go to the following links to download replacement brushes:

It appears the base image is also not available so you will need to locate a new background image as well.

Below, you will find links to each tutorial:

The results:

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