Pennsylvania Career Guide

Many of you are nearing the end of your Junior year of high school. While your focus may be on plans for the summer, now is the time to also begin setting your sights on next year and beyond. What are your plans for after high school? Do you have schools you want to visit? Do you have scholarships you want to apply for? Do you have places of employment you want to try to get a foot in the door to? What type of career path is best suited for you? Do you know what the job outlook is for your career interests?

While all of this may seem a bit overwhelming, and frankly, unecessary, it’s those who plan best who often have the most success. While you still have over a year to go yet, it’s a great time to start planning out what your goals are going to be when that year is up.

The Department of Labor & Industry released their 25th edition of the Pennsylvania Career Guide. In it, you will find an extensive resource covering everything from a self assessment, to job outlooks, and even a checklist of items you should be doing during your senior year to prepare for you career. Please read the following sections and complete the activities described:

  • Read pages #1-6
  • Print and complete the self assessment on page #7 &#8
    • Make a blog post titled, “My Career Guide Self-Assessment Results.” Post your results and summarize your thoughts. Are your surprised? Does this seem to be accurately depicting your interests? Do you feel your career choice may not be the best given the results?
  • Examine the career/job outlook tables on Pages #12-24.
    • Find the career you had in mind, or feel best represents your plans going forward. Pay careful attention to salary information, schooling, and projected employment. This has a lot to do with your career plans and possible realizations of earnings and job availability.
  • Look at the senior year to-do list on pages #38-40.
    • Make a plan of action to try to follow some of these checkpoints next year (we will revisit them occasionally next year as well).
  • Finally, look over the Cost of College on page #43, and the budget planning sheets on pages #53 & #53.
    • Make a blog post titled, “The Costs of College and Life.” In your post discuss what you’ve discovered by looking over these last two sections as well as the entire document. What are your concerns for next year and beyond? Did anything in this document prove useful to you? How so? What steps do you feel are most important for you going forward and why?
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