Parents and Social Media. Clueless?

Chapter 2 discusses the idea of preventive behavior in both the business world as well as personal life. The idea of parental involvement and awareness with regard to their children’s social media usage is not new. However, just how involved should parents be in their child’s social media “world?” Can there be too much involvement? Too little? Where does it cross the line? How involved are your parents with your social media usage? Would you (do you) let them add you? Why or why not?

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  1. I think it is at the parents’ own discretion how involved they should be in their child’s social media world. There can be both too much involvement and too little. Some people use social media inappropriately and that’s when parents should keep a watch on their child. On the other hand, parents should not be constantly checking their teenager’s page. For me, I wasn’t allowed to get a Facebook page unless my mom was my “friend”. Most of my family members are my “friend” on Facebook. I let them add me because I know they might confront me about it and suspect I have something to hide.

  2. Parental involvement in social media is a very thin line. Personally my parents are my “friends” on Facebook, however they rarely comment or ask me questions about what they see on my page. I believe this is for two reasons. One, I unlike most teenagers do not post a lot on Facebook and I talk to my parents a lot about what happens throughout the day. Two, my parents rarely check Facebook so they really cannot ask about what they do not see. There are some parents that cross the boundary line in social media. These are the parents that comment about family issues or that get involved in a Facebook fight that there child maybe having. These parents have too much involvement in their child’s social media presence. I think that some involvement is ok but it also depends on the age of the user. For example I believe that a parent should monitor the Facebook of a 13 year old more than a 17 year old. One of the reasons for that are by the time a user is 17 they are looking at the possibility of college or joining the work force and moving out. Either way the parent is about to have less control and will need to start trusting the user eventually. Parents and social media are a balance that needs to be achieved and some that some parents struggle with.

  3. I think that it’s up to the parents if they want to monitor their children’s interactions on social media accounts. I do think that if the child is under the age of 18, then the parents have that right to monitor them. If parents are involved too much, like commenting on everything that their children’s page, then it gets rather creepy and annoying. Then again, if parents aren’t involved enough, the children could be doing inappropriate things online. I added my mom when she got a Facebook because she likes to know what’s going on in my life and I don’t have anything to hid from her.

  4. “Parents and Social Media. Cluess?”

    As far as parents and social media goes, I don’t think I have the most room to talk. My mom has no experience in any sort of social media. I actually discussed this with my mother last about our discussion in class yesterday. I started by asking if she even knew all of the social media websites that I was on. She knew most, but not all. She went on to say that she trusted me to not post anything that would prove to be hurtful to any of my own endeavors or personal image.

    If she were to be monitoring it, though, I wouldn’t have any issues, due to my lack of personal information really given out. As far as other students go, I think that the decision of parental involvement on sites is a personal matter that should be viewed on an individual family basis.

  5. I think a parents involvement in there childs social media should be based on what they personally feel and based on there age. When I was younger and first got a Facebook I was 13 and, my mom had alot of involvement on my Facebook she had monitored it which is understandable because, when your 13 you are young and you don’t know how to control what you say and post on Facebook. As the years went on as well as maturity she stopped monitoring it and she trusts me with it. I do believe parents have a right to see what there child is posting on facebook if they are underage because they are the guardian and in general they are just protecting there kid. My mom and dad both have Facebooks and, if I go away they keep in contact with me from that which is very convinient since they are hearing impaired. My mom also has a Twitter and as for twitter goes I would not want her following me because, on Twitter I tend to vent if something happens with them or someone else. Twitter is more personal and I just want that to myself so she is blocked on Twitter. I do believe parents should be involved in a childs social media world because, the child shouldn’t have anything to hide anyway and make smart decisions on what they post.

  6. I for one could not care less whether or not parents are involved in social media. For me this is because I keep my parents generally informed about my life already, so being “friends” with them on a site such as FaceBook does not effect me in any major way. Though, if parents do desire to be friends with their child(ren), they should not do so for the sole purpose of spying on them. Otherwise, I have no problem with my parent(s) or even a friend’s parent liking or commenting on a post of mine.

  7. “Parents and Social Media”

    I think that parents have their place in social media. If a parent doesn’t have trust in their child, they have every right to monitor their online activity. Being “friends” with your parents on social media sites is acceptable, in my opinion. My mom is my friend on Facebook, and she follows me on Instagram. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t post anything on either of those sites that I wouldn’t want her to see. She isn’t my friend on these sites just to watch what I’m doing, either. She is also a user on the site that uses it for the same reasons I do.
    However, I’m not the perfect spokes person for letting your parents follow you online. I have two twitters, one for school and my family (if they would ever make an account) . I have another strictly for friends. I don’t post my last name on the one for my friends, and it is private, so I can monitor who can see my posts. I use this twitter as an outlet for my feelings that I wouldn’t want to share with my family (and professional or school related followers.) My mom is not aware of either of these twitter accounts, and that’s okay in my opinion. She knows she can trust me and what I post.
    Trust is a big issue when it comes to parenting and social media. I believe that as long as your parents can have the trust in you, they don’t need to monitor you as closely.

  8. Personally I can’t say that I know what its like having a parent or guardian that repeatedly stalks me on any social media source just waiting for me to mess up or is trying to delve deeper into my personal life. However I do know that it exists in which parents constantly hound their children about what they say or post on social media. Like with myself i don’t mind having my grand parents and parents as friends on say Facebook because, as most people probably have noticed, Facebook is mostly used among an older population and among family members. And so it really just depends because with Twitter on the other hand i wouldn’t want my mom or dad to go on there and see some of my tweets because the audience that is using twitter is mainly teenagers and 20 year old adults discussing their immediate and most of the time provocative lives, if you catch my meaning. But by any means i feel that the parents with kids that they trust aren’t going to go onto these social media platforms to make sure they are behaving and the parents who know that their children can be trouble makers will most likely be checking to make sure they aren’t planning on throwing a massive party on the weekend.

  9. Mostly everybody has social media weather you’re a kid or an adult, so are you friends with your parents on Facebook? I am friends with my parents on Facebook because I have nothing to hide and my parents know not to comment or get involved in a conversation with me on social media sites. Some kids may hate that their parents have a Facebook or they just may have things on Facebook that they don’t want their parents to see so kids tend to block their parents from Facebook. Some parents do get on social media sites to spy on their kids and creep on them I think that’s fine if the kids is under the age of 12 but if the kids is older than that then I think the parents should just let them go and not spy on them. Also if some parents see that there kid is in a Facebook fight they will jump in and try to protect there kid but to kids that’s embarrassing and that’s crossing the line. So I think it’s fine for parents to have social media sites to stay connected with their friends and family but if they just get a social media site to stalk or creep on their kid then that is crossing the line.

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