Online Voting. Is it the future?


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Pg.85-87 in the text talks about online voting and where he believes it is heading. Obviously he tends to overstate the major advantages, and often overlooks or only gives brief mention to the looming disadvantages. What are your thoughts on online voting? Do you think it should be implemented? Why or why not? Do you think it will someday be implemented? Do you feel the risks outweigh the benefits or vice versa?

Watch this video before before composing your summary.

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  1. I think that online voting is definitely a possibility. Major improvements in security need to be made before it is implemented, though. As of right now, I believe it would be too insecure. Recounts and the discarding of votes would end up being done because of hackers and insecure situations. For now, I think we should just stick with the way we already do it. I don’t think we shouldn’t keep working on the online voting idea, though! If officials could figure out a way to make it more secure, it would be an easy, convenient way for people to vote. I think we would have more people vote if they had an easier way to do it, like online voting.

  2. Haven’t these people advocating online voting seen War Games or even Live Free or Die Hard? This is a terrible idea! So many various issues are obvious in the security aspects no matter which way you cut it. All the computer doctors and analysts in the world can’t stop a man living in his mom’s basement who knows his code from hacking into even the most secure of servers. Also, votes could be altered so easily. How would they verify it’s actually me casting my ballet? Overall, this idea is a bit ludicrous to me at the moment. The electronic systems we have now are more effective than paper and fairly sufficient, so why fix what’s not broken?

  3. I still think that online voting is a little sketchy. There are too many risks that come with the convenience with it. Hackers can get into the system with in seconds and change the votes. It’s just not a safe way of doing things. As for convenience, they mentioned print out ballets at home. To me, that sounds so much safer then just doing it electronically. Even those who are serving over seas now have the chance to vote with the print outs. I just feel that it’s so much safer then that of online voting. Someday it might happen, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable using it.

  4. I really think online voting is a magnificent idea and is quite possible, but being a computer nerd I understand the risk. Even as computer hardware, software, anti-virus, and security programs get better and more secure, computer hackers are always going to learn about these things and find a way around them. Really I think in that sense is the best way to make it more secure is to crack down on these hackers as soon as the voting agencies get any whiff of an intruder. At this point I do feel that the risks outweigh the benefits but as soon as they become equal I think online voting should definitely be attempted on a large scale.

  5. I do believe that online voting is the future. Today’s worlds is becoming more and more dependent on technology and using it in more and more ways. I think that online voting will be more convenient for people especially people who do not have a lot of time to go to a building and vote (for example, those in the military). However, security is a major concern. Like in the video, softwares can be easily hacked. This will obviously affect the results and may not even be detected. There may be more secure solutions that will still allow someone to vote online but I believe this also may cause inconvenience to the person voting.

  6. While online voting maybe faster and more efficient, I believe that there are issues with it. One of the more obvious issues is with hackers. Many people are starting to bank online and that is not as secure as people like to believe. I agree with the video that hackers from all over would take the challenge of hacking a United States election. I think a more pressing issue is one with voter photo identification. How can the government make sure that the person voting is the person that they say they are? A big debate is whether or not voters should have to produce identification when voting. If I am sitting at home after dinner, how can the government make sure that I am only voting once and that I am the person whose name appears on the ballet? Online voting would be more convenient but there are also problem with it that need to be worked out. Online voting is a great idea for the troops that are overseas; it is a faster and more convenient way for them to vote. I think that online voting is both a pro and a con.

  7. Contradictory to what many people want, online voting will very probably become a common occurrence. It will dramatically increase voting convenience, and thus will also dramatically increase the voting number. Many people either can not or plainly do not care enough to spend the time and gas money in effort to cast a vote. Having this online opportunity will give those people an easy alternative. While this might be a nice advancement in society, there still must be leaps and bounds in security until something such as online voting should even be considered.

  8. I think online voting is definitely a possibilty but, I do not think it’s safe. If there is even the slightest chance as the video mentioned that a hacker can get into the voting and completely change the results, thats not fair becuase, it has to be by the people and, if a hacker can change that then I think we shouldn’t take that direction or even risk it. If they do increase the security risk then I think it is definitely a good idea, I think it needs to be experimented more.

  9. Online voting would be a terrible idea! There are so many things that could go wrong with voting online compared to the one thing that would be good about it. People could find a way to vote multiple times, someone could hack the system and vote for people or just hack it so they can send in a vote let’s say a thousand times. Or someone could hack in and steal all of your information. The only good thing about voting online would be the convenience of it but the bad things that come with online voting weigh down the good.

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