One Day Without Technology

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You knew it was coming. I’ve been talking about it in class for some time. The time has come, and we’re going to see who can take this challenge and run with it. One day without technology. Can you do it? We’re going over the assignment details in class, but for now, I would love to hear what you think about this assignment. What do you anticpate being the most difficult aspects for you? What times of the day will challenge you the most? Do you have any tricks or strategies you anticipate using to help you through the process? Are you going full restriction (i.e., parents taking the phone and computer from you), or just using your own will power? Do you think you can truly make it a full 24 hours?

Make a post on your blog today (9/23) with an appropriate/catchy title. Discuss and address the questions above in your post. Place it in the categories of Social Media and Lifestyle. Be sure to use tags.

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