NFC vs. Voting Security…Which Do You Prefer?


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After watching yesterdays video on internet voting security, many of you made it quite clear that you don’t trust the idea. Lack of security and on such a large stage with the state of our republic in the balance, it makes sense to show some hesitation. To say I’m surprised at the responses coming from such a generation that are some of the strongest technology advocates would be an understatement. If you don’t trust the government and its contractors to develop secure technology for voting, do you trust private sector corporations to develop secure technology to handle your finances?

Take a look at the following two videos. After listening to the risks of two similar mobile based financial technologies, do you trust this? Are you more likely to trust this over an online voting system? Why or why not? If you believe they are more trustworthy, what specific things about these technologies make you trust it over an online voting system?


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  1. I personally do not think either way is safe. With the mobile banking, I would personally never go that way because, as the guy said if you don’t clear your text messages a person may be able to see that and me personally I haven’t cleared my text messages since I got my phone in March so that would be an issue. I think I would just like to have the card or cash in my wallet with me the ATM and Cards have been around way longer and, I just feel that has a sense of security. WIth Online Voting and Mobile banking, there is that risk that someone could get your personal information or hack into the system and, there is always that posibility. So I don’t feel comfortable with either I would rather play it safe then deal with the consequences later.

  2. The threats of doing things that deal with sensitive information online are real. They happen, and the best thing that we can do to help stop it is be aware of what we’re sharing and who we’re sharing it with. Online banking is such a useful tool for so many people. Should we all not use it because there’s a niche possibility something could go wrong? No! These websites have smart log in systems that will beat your everyday thief trying to access your information.

    Seeing how well online banking works, one now wonders why online voting wouldn’t. The obvious answer is what’s at stake. Sure, a hacker could steal some money in your bank account and cause you some inconvenience, but they’re almost always caught and you will more than likely have your losses returned. But if someone wanted to disrupt one of the biggest government functions in the country, we have a very serious problem.

    I trust working with online banking because there’s no reason to live in fear until there’s a problem. As for online voting…let’s just not.

  3. I do not trust technology to handle my finances. The video about scanning bank information from a credit card really opened my eyes of the danger that that would cause. I think it is similar to pick-pocketing, in a way. Anyone could simply get ahold of someone’s information if they had the right technology and then complete transactions of any kind under that person. That makes using mobile devices to monitor bank accounts very risky. Therefore, I do not trust this over an online voting system. They are both insecure but in somewhat different ways.

  4. I think that using technology like online banking and online credit card apps is a sort of “use at your own risk” technology. I’m not completely sold on the idea that security breaches are so rare. (like the man in the first video said.) I think that companies do their best to protect you, but it’s obvious that these websites and apps don’t have completely impenetrable security systems. Just like I said with online voting, if people are putting their information out there, there is (or will be) someone, somewhere, who wants to try to hack into that system. I couldn’t see myself trusting either of these technologies too quickly. However, I guess I would trust online voting quicker than online banking. In the grand scheme of things, I’d rather have someone cast my political vote for me than steal my bank information and empty my bank accounts.

  5. I would have fairly equal concerns in either scenario. There will always be the risk of someone stealing private information in both cases, but also in both cases, the organizations providing the services want to be worthy of the public’s trust, and I know that they will do everything in their power to have it. If a huge, well-trusted company gets taken advantage of, I know also that said company will do whatever it takes to save face, thus, though maybe not immediately, I will be benefited regardless.

  6. Oddly enough I would say that, for some reason, online banking and shopping is more attractive to people including myself than online voting. It’s strange because with online banking there is a decently large possibility of getting your money stolen or purchasing things that you didn’t purchase but someone else did with your credit information. Now when it comes to NFC technology I believe it is more secure than online voting because once you send your info out to the web it’s out of your hands. But with NFC it’s still kind of the same idea but rather the possibility of something being stolen online is slimmer since using NFC is really in your hands unless someone forcefully or slyly takes your information off of your own person. Now I don’t necessarily trust these technologies to the fullest but I would definitely use them. Call me careless or dumb, I don’t care, because in most cases I would say the benefits outweigh the risks. Not saying the risks are less volatile but I believe the chances of them happening are so small.

  7. I’m pretty hesitant with both of them but if I had to pick one I’m more comfortable with it would definitely be the nfc. With swiping your phone and getting something from the vending machine for example is not necessary; why not just use plain old cash? For some reason it’s too much of a hassle for people. The good thing about being able to use your phone as a credit card is that it is pretty covenant because you always have your phone on you, but think about how many times you lose your phone! I lose my phone all the time now if I were to lose my phone it’s not only the information I have on my phone like before its now my credit card information and they can now make transactions. For me to be more comfortable with it they would have to make it not so easy for someone to be able to walk up behind you and steal all of your credit card information my having their phone close to yours.

  8. I see the risks with online banking and I think that it is dangerous. If given the choice between online voting and online banking, I would rather bank online. I feel that I have more control over my personal accounts and they are less of a target. However a national election is subject to hacking not only from United States citizens but from people around the world. There are also more precautions that can be taken for online banking where those options are not open when voting online. I shop online and do not think twice about it. I just think putting the state of the republic of the United States in the balance is a little bit more of an issue than the books I buy from Barnes and Noble.

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