Minimalism/Flat Design

One of the biggest problems for most students just starting out in design is figuring out how much is “just enough” in terms of elements within a design. Many of you as Digital Design 1 students struggled with this very idea only a year or two ago. It’s not uncommon to be asked the familiar question: “Is this good enough?” or, “I don’t know what more to add.” If you haven’t picked up on this by now (through class discussion, numerous examples I’ve linked to, concepts we’ve talked about, etc.), less is often more in design. Simplicity, while maintaining creativity is the key (this video says is best).

In fact, the design world is trending toward a minimalist approach. I use the word “trend” emphatically because, in reality, all things come full circle in the design world. Flat design isn’t forever. It’s now. It wasn’t always (read this article). Will it remain a trend and for how long is the question. We’re going to explore this concept in your next challenge/project.

First, you must learn to balance the message of your design (remember, graphic design is VISUAL communication) with the elements you choose to include within that design. The message (implied or specifically stated) is the MOST important  Some of you still struggle to find that balance, and often fall back on adding extra effects (drop shadows, outer glows, extra shapes, mismatched fonts, etc.). So, I’m going to challenge you with a project that will force you to think outside of the box, and REQUIRE you to be SIMPLISTIC.

Before you get started, Read This & This.

Minimalist Movie Poster…Let’s Get Started.

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