Marino vs. Booker…Differences?

vsgraphicHopefully after watching the video on Corey Booker, and based on your (hopeful) response from Representative Marino, you should be able to note some differences, and maybe some similarities. Post a summary of your comparison between these two social media users.



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  1. I think that Booker uses social media to a good amount, he’s very active in responding to people and, I even saw on there that he responded to some girls opinion. I like how he uses Twitter because, he gets the people involved and is well in the light in informing people what is going on and, it seems easy to talk to him and he seems extremely caring. As for Marino I personally think his Twitter feed is very boring he just posts on different issues which I don’t think he should do I feel he should be more interactive because, the people are what he works for.

  2. Every person has their own way of promoting themselves on social media. The way Corey Booker and Tom Marino promote themselves on Twitter are completely different from one another. Booker communicates with his residents on Twitter and values their opinions. For example, if someone wanted to discuss an issue with Booker, he would get that person’s contact information and possibly meet up with him/her. However, Marino only tweets about what is going on in politics (specificly Obamacare), what he thinks about the subject and links to more information. Corey Booker seems to care more about what his residents have to say while Tom Marino does not put in as much effort to communicate with other people.

  3. Comparing the two politicians’ usage of twitter (social media) really isn’t that difficult. It’s simple. Marino basically describes his views and himself and basically tweets news and Booker is nearly just having conversations with people on twitter about certain subjects. They both show their stance on different topics pretty vividly but Booker is so much more interactive while Marino kind of just puts information out there. If one was to judge either of these men strictly on their twitter usage and atmosphere they would probably say that Booker is more personable while Marino is the perfect example of a Politician. However, I do believe both of these men use twitter mainly because in this day and age they need to reach people, just like all politicians have in the past, but the best way anymore to do that is through social media. What I mean is that they both almost have to be a part social media otherwise they may fall behind.

  4. A person’s social media persona can often these days either shed light on a true or cast a false portrait of what a person is like. If you’re a politician, this can be especially true.

    Corey Booker, the New Jersey Governor uses social media almost as a teen would. He sounds always enthusiastic and even shares simple things about what’s on his mind or his day. He also uses it very inventively by trying to connect to the people he serves faster. He responds willingly to tweets sent to him by people just looking to voice an opinion or voice a concern. This makes his actual personality seem very lighthearted and caring, whether it actually is or not.

    Representative Tom Marino falls on the polar opposite of this spectrum. He uses the vast array of advantages social media grants him to gripe about bills, voice opinions on votes and state facts. This makes his personality come off as cold, uninviting and even impersonal. It’s as if a machine were sending his tweets. They’re mechanical with the sole purpose of influencing voters one way or the other. He also does not respond to people who ask him questions.

    Booker has found a very creative and innovative way to make himself be loved by the people he serves over social media, having over a million followers. Mr. Marino…step it up.

  5. When compared to Corey Booker, Tom Marino takes an entirely different stance on social media. I think that Booker and Marino’s ideas of using social media for political reasons are completely different.

    Booker uses his Twitter account as a way to connect with his citizens and voters. He makes it look and feel like more of a constant casual conversation with the people of Newark, NJ. Marino, on the other hand, uses his Twitter account as an avenue for his political ideas and his stances on political issues. (Obamacare, to be exact. He doesn’t tweet about much else.) Booker is seen as more of a relatable guy, because of his friendliness and laid back attitude on social media.

    I think that Booker has the better idea of how to use social media. He’s more of a “fan favorite” because of his friendly, relatable tweets. Marino is seen as a politician, and only a politician. Unless they are very into politics, most people would just scroll past Marino’s posts on their Twitter feed. While others would most likely stop and read Booker’s tweets. I think that is the major difference between the two of them. All in all, they’re both politicians, they both have the same general job, but they use social media as a completely different tool in their two very different tool boxes.

  6. Booker definitely has a better grasp of what to do with social media than Marino. Booker’s twitter page is covered in tweets that express his positive attitude and public stance, and place his followers on a common, comfortable ground. He also updates it obnoxiously much, allowing everybody that wishes to read everything he does, shaping him out to be more of a friend than a social superior. Marino’s posts, on the other hand, are more so rants than anything. While he certainly does not fail to show his opinions, he also does not fail to come across as alienating. A visit to his profile will leave someone feeling angry and upset, at the same time that checking out Booker’s will provide a sense of companionship and loyalty. Even in the picture at the top of this page, Booker appears as a man who is generally interested in others’ well being, as Marino seems to be smiling simply because someone is taking a picture of him.

  7. The big difference I saw between there social media usage was that Booker seems to be a more active user on twitter than Marino and that’s a good thing. As Booker said in the video he uses twitter to keep up to date on the things that are happening in the town he said that sometimes he is the first one to find out about things because he sees it on twitter. With Booker using twitter he said that it’s like a gadget, it’s just another thing he can use to keep up to date and to know what going on in his town while still doing everything he did before. Booker tweeted several times during 24 hours (7 or 8) thanking people for supporting him and things of that nature, while Marino tweeted (2 or 3 times) very little and they were just boring tweets. So I would say that Booker is a more active user but just because he tweets more doesn’t mean that Marino isn’t reading what people are saying in his town just as much as Booker is.

  8. Cory Booker and Tom Marino use social media very differently. Booker tends to respond to the people who tweet him where Marino only focuses on the political aspect. Booker seems more down to earth and addresses the people where as Marino doesn’t seem to address the people at all. He just posts articles with his opinion of it. In my opinion, Booker is more in tune with social media. Marino hasn’t really caught on yet.

  9. When reading through the Tweets of Tom Marino and Corey Booker it is not hard to see the differences. The first thing that I noticed is that Tom Marino’s username is “@RepTomMarino” this creates an automatic disconnect between the followers and Tom Marino. Corey Booker tries to keep his Twitter page as personal as possible. He responds back to Tweets and posts very frequently. Booker’s posts are also not just political. They resemble something that any one of your friends could be posting. Marino on the other hand just posts about Political decisions and it is just an extension of his campaign.
    I think that these examples represent the extremes of both sides of Social Media. I am not sure that I want someone like Corey Booker who posts all the time, on the other hand not posting enough, like Marino is not good either. I want politicians to find the balance. Some personal information gives the reader the feeling that they are just an average person, however giving some political information is important because that is probably the reason I am following you. Everyone has that one friend that posts all the time about anything that pops into their head. We get frustrated with that and the same goes for a political figure. I get just as frustrates when they post every 15 minutes.

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