Lightroom Tutorials and Preset Development

For this activity, you will need to visit this site, and choose 6 tutorials to complete. Additionally, you will need to provide your own photos for each. As such, you should be looking through the list, picking the effects you want to attempt, and then choosing what type of photo would be best for this type of effect. After you’ve made your decision, go shoot a series of photos that will serve as the base for these tutorials. If you need a portrait, as another student in class to stand in for the shot.

After you complete each tutorial, you must save the effects as a preset. Watch the video below to see how:

After you’ve completed this, export all pictures from Lightroom. Put them in your “Photos”  folder in a new folder titled, “Lightroom_Preset_Activity.” Be sure to do the following upon export:

  • Rename photos
  • Choose a destination folder
  • Resize image so the long edge is 800px and the resolution is 72ppi

Make a blog post titled, “Lightroom Preset Creation.” Post each image, and below it, explain what the effect is, and what you learned in completing that particular tutorial.

This activity is worth 50pts.

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