Jersey Shore In Black & White

Black and white photography at one time, was photography. Up until the middle part of the 20th century, color photos simply didn’t exist. Fast forward to today, and while it isn’t our only choice, black and white is still very popular. Black and white photography focuses on light and shadows to tell the story. Playing with light and dark aspects of a scene is the fundamental basis of black and white photography. It forces you to think about details you might overlook if shooting in color.

For this project, we’re going to shoot various locations of the school in black and white. Think of iconic places within the school, or elements of the school that you could show from different perspectives (a sign, a decoration, door, room label, water fountain, etc.). If you could choose 5 photos that represented Jersey Shore, what would they be? That’s what we’re trying to capture.

When finished, you will post a blog entry titled, “Jersey Shore in Black & White” and post web-optimized jpgs of each photo with a caption. Additionally provide a one paragraphy summary of why you chose to shoot what you did.


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