Is your status defining you?

Is your status defining you?

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In Chapter 3, Qualman mentions that social media allows individuals to take real time inventories of their lives and assess what they’re doing day to day. Simply looking over a history of status updates, tweets, etc., can possibly paint a picture of not only how you’re living your life, but what impressions you are imparting on others? Take a look at your status updates and ask yourself, “Are you happy with what you see?”
In 2010, a Facebook Analytic team published a report about status updates and what they mean (according to trends). The article, while almost three years old now, still paints an interesting picture as to what your status updates generally mean, and what age groups tend to post what.

Read the full article here, and then post back here AFTER you go home and take a look at your recent tweets and status updates. What did most of your tweets and status updates consist of? Were they jokes? Complaints? General updates? What would someone who doesn’t know anything about you think of you based strictly on these social media snapshots? Would you be happy with that impression you’re leaving? Why or why not?

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  1. My status updates and tweets were very different from each other and consisted of a variety of information. Most of my status updates were general updates about activities I’m involved in. My tweets are very random; I mostly just tweet things that are on my mind which could sometimes be a bad thing. Someone who doesn’t know me would definitely think I’m very involved in cheerleading, school and spending time with my family. I would accept the impression I’m leaving on Facebook but I have mixed feelings about Twitter.

  2. My Facebook statues are just random and things that I think are funny. My tweets, however, are my outlet. I tend to complain more on twitter because not that many people see it. Based on my statuses, people might think that I’m a fun person, who is just generally random. Based on my tweets, people would probably think I’m an emotional mess. I’m happy with the impression I leave on Facebook, but maybe not that much about what impression twitter says about me.

  3. I have looked at my Facebook status and Tweets and I am not sure that they are an adequate representation on my day to day life. If someone looked at my tweets they would think that I am really interested in Social Media because of the few tweets that I have half of them are about social media. If you then looked at my Facebook page, the person would think that I do a lot of traveling. Most of my few Facebook posts are about different trips that I have taken. I really do not post a lot on either Facebook or Twitter so I am not sure that people really get an accurate picture of who I really am.

  4. My status updates on Facebook and my Twitter are actually very different but, I do use them for different purposes. My Facebook updates just consist of wanting to sleep in, or activites I’m doing that day or just a quote. As for Twitter my tweets are very negative I’m not gonna lie. Twitter to me is really just where I vent out my feelings. My twitter conists of how I’m feeling because, my phone is at hand. My current tweets actually consist of depressing song lyrics, and complaints about Tennis because, Tennis is very frustrating. I do have some positive things on Twitter though but, it really depends on my mood and in the past two weeks I haven’t been in a very positive mood. If someone looked at my Facebook they would think I’m a very calm person just pretty normal. If someone looked at Twitter they would think i’m extremely emotional.

  5. I dont really post status up dates on facebook and i rarely send out a tweet. I do post pictures on facebook but hardly ever a status. The last time i posted a status besides a picture would probably be 3 months ago. On twitter i tweet hardly ever but when i do its a random tweet.Usually the only time i would ever tweet something or make a status is if someone tagged me in something. So i cant really say if im happy with the impression im leaving but maybe people would get an idea of me by my pictures i post.

  6. My status updates and tweets were all different. Most of my Facebook statuses were just updates on what I’m doing, or funny things that happened to me throughout my day. My tweets are mostly funny things and even a few complaints. My tweets are usually just random things that come to my mind, and my facebook statuses are more careful and “formal” I guess.
    If people had to judge the kind of person I was by my updates, they would probably have mixed feelings. On facebook, people would find out that I’m interested in cheerleading and dancing. They’d also find out that I like to spend time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. It would be an overall positive first impression. On twitter, I’d seem more layed backed and maybe even a little more edgy. I don’t watch what I say on twitter as much, so I think you’d see more of the “real me” which could be a good and a bad thing.
    All in all, I’m happy with the impression I’d be leaving, but twitter might leave people with some mixed feelings about me. It is what it is, though.

  7. As I looked back at my tweets and posts from back in the past from days ago to weeks ago it was interesting to see what I thought about myself as I was reading them. I’ve come to the conclusion that when I usually post statuses on facebook or tweet on twitter it’s usually out of emotion and impulse. Rarely do I ever tweet something truly meaningful unless its about football or something I have a passion for. I feel as though I kind of seem like a(n) (insert expletive here) at times based purely on what status I’ve just put up or published. I actually had went back through my recent tweets about a week ago and I deleted all of the ones I saw in which I was using a cuss word here or there. It’s not that I was “calling” anybody out but they were more of complaints and arguments than much else. I think it is important that people be cautious when tweeting or posting impulsively because we are more likely to say something we truly don’t mean and because it is on something so large as twitter or facebook, people see it almost instantly.

  8. Most of what I post consists of witty ideas or just random goofy remarks, usually relating only to what I had been thinking of at the time I had posted it. I gather from how people comment, how many people like them, and what people say to me personally that my posts give off an overall “enertaining” and “spontanious.” I am pleased with this, since those tones are usually what I aim to produce.

  9. “Is My Status Defining Me?”

    When I look back through my earliest posts on Facebook…all I can think is, why would anyone care to read that? They were either lyrics of songs I was hung-up on at the time or random pictures of myself doing things that weren’t all too fascinating.

    But around this time last year, my page took a dramatic turn towards a more structured and professional format. The biggest change was getting my new camera and diving headfirst into photography. From then on, I’ve been publicizing all of my work (photographs, jobs, films) extremely. My page is basically a giant advertisement for myself or more so my work even.

    Being a wannabe professional is kind of who I am, I suppose. So, hopefully my posts and profile paints an accurate portrait of that image.

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