Introduction to Video Production

We’re shifting gears now in class to focus on the video and sound component of communications. Just like visual communication through design, video and sound can be a powerful delivery method to communicate ideas. Video is a major element in today’s day and age for delivering information, entertainment, advertising, etc. We live in a visual age where a nobody from a small town can turn into an overnight star simply by publishing content on Youtube. Thousands of Vloger’s, aspiring artists, singers, songwriters, educators, etc., turn to video to express themselves. Major companies sink millions into advertisements on these platforms. People live stream sports, news, world events, concerts, etc.

It’s safe to say we live in an age where video is king. If you want to be successful in the communications field, you must learn how to harness this tool and use it to your advantage. That will be our goal going forward in this unit. I want you to learn the basics of the video production process and how that process is vital to the success of your end product. We will learn to plan, shot, edit, and produce video content much like you would have to in the real world under similar circumstances. It all starts with the basics.

Your first introduction comes with the understanding that shooting video is not simply grabbing and camera and shooting. There is a process. While that process may not be the most exciting at times, trust me. It’s worth it.

  • Download this PowerPoint (Be sure to watch the videos at the end).
    • When finished, make a blog post titled, “Initial Thoughts on Video Production.” In this post, explain what you anticipate this unit to be like for you. Are you excited? Apprehensive? What concerns do you have with learning to shoot video? Do you think you will be comfortable in front of and behind a camera?



Download this notesheet (we will cover this in class).

And this one…

Pre-Production Resources:

Production Resources:


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