Generation Y…Waste of Space or Our Bright Future?

Generation Y...Waste of Space or Our Bright Future?

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If you’re sitting in my class reading this, you are part of Generation Y (some would fall into Z depending on the date of your birth). As am I (I just make the cut). There has been a lot discussion as this generation grows into “productive” members of society on whether their perceived self worth matches that of their actual worth. Many critics (in the older generations) feel that Y & Z generations have a strong sense of self-entitlement, don’t want to work hard for results, can’t read and/ore write at an acceptable level, have a lower moral/ethical standard, are addicted/too dependent on technology, etc,. Some blame technology itself. Some blame parenting. Some blame the overall governmental policy shifts that some claim to cater to lack of effort and sense of responsibility.

Qualman, however, has a different perspective on your (our) generations. He claims that Generation Y & Z are willing and eager to give back. Qualman mentions how it seems these generations want to give back, and want to donate, vote, raise awareness, etc.,

So as you sit here reading this. Think about yourself, your friends, your siblings. Are “they” painting an accurate picture of your generation as a whole (not necessarily you in particular)? Do you agree with these assessments or not? Post your response to this article today (9/26).

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  1. Whether or not we are self entitiled or lazy, this basically depends on the person. Personally I feel our generation is willing to give back because, me personally I can not have things unless I have a job unless I can pay for stuff myself and i’m very independent i’ve never depended on mom and dad for much except basic necessities and, I was raised to know that hard work pays off. But, I can see some of our generation doesn’t understand that some are self entitled and, some feel like they don’t have to work and, that things come to them very easily. I personally think the basic answer comes down to how you were raised. So in some ways I do agree and some ways I do disagree it is very hard to decide because, people are all different.

  2. I think the picture our generation paints is not a very positive one. Personally, if I ever wanted something extravagant growing up, I had to work for it, but that’s just me. People around me, friends of mine, are basically handed things for no reason. They never had to work for it, they never did anything to deserve it, their parents just handed it to them. I believe that this is why a lot of them are expecting so much in the real world. They think that they should just show up at a work place, and be given the highest paying position just because they “think” they deserve it. Everyone seems to have this higher sense of self-worth that will lead to their failure.

  3. For the most part, I do agree with the panel. Many people around my age, myself not necessarily excluded, expect most things in life to be handed to them. This, however is not completely our fault, as many things are actually, simply handed to us. Processes, such as to graduate or get a job, seem to be simplified, dumbed down, making us think, “I deserve this. This is here because of me,” which is not true. If someone does not fill a roll in society, someone else will. All in all, I do believe that this generation, as a whole, needs to step up its game and earn what we need or want, so that we will then in fact deserve the reward.

  4. “Greatest Generation Ever?”

    After watching that news cast, I felt like their argument was completely biased against our generation. Look at who was speaking, all people who are not included in our generation. What a group of college kids said in a survey does not speak for everyone in our generation.
    I don’t necessarily think that we are the hardest working generation ever, but I also don’t think that every single one of us are lazy and incompetent like they made us seem. We work for what we get, just like every other generation. We graduate high school, most of us move on to college, get a degree, and enter the work force just like everyone else. I, personally, think that I work pretty hard for what I accomplish. (Hopefully this doesn’t make me seem self-infatuated and entitled like they said.) I work hard to be on the honor roll, I stay up late and wake up early to do all of my homework on time, I do extra curriculars and sports… I put in the effort.
    If the generation before us doesn’t think that we’re doing a good enough job, that technically falls on their shoulders. Don’t you think? They are the ones who are our role models, parents, teachers and mentors. They are the people who shaped us as human beings and told us how to act and how to be.
    I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong with our generation, but at the same time, I wouldn’t call us the “greatest generation.” Each group of people have their flaws, but we also have some really good qualities about us.

  5. As a member of generation Y and/Z depending on where the cut off is, I take a lot of ridicule for not working hard, for using my phone too much, and for thinking too much of myself. The problem is that the people telling me this are my grandparents and parents. These are the people that raised me to be the person that I am today. I think that some people do believe that they are entitled to certain things. I am not going to deny that I do not believe that, but in the same breath I am not going to say that I believe it either. I think that the people in the video are right that schools and parents teach that everyone is a winner. Participation ribbons are now something to be proud of. That was not the case and this leads to people not working as hard because they were praised for being average and just participating. I think though that blaming participation ribbons and parents is also an excuse to a certain extent. If the people of these generations know they are acting this way, they need to take responsibility for it. Someone in the video said something about social norms and that is why we feel entitled. I do believe that people should be paid for an internship if they have to pay for an apartment and living expenses. If they are not paid then they may elect to live with their parents or they will have to take out a loan. If they live with their parents they will be labeled lazy, when in reality are they? They may not walk “five miles to school, uphill both ways,” but that does not make them a lazy person. Some of the generation maybe lazy, most of the generation even but classifying the generation as a whole that way is not fair to the hardworking people of the generation.

  6. “Generation Y”

    Personally I believe that what these people in the video were saying is about 98% accurate. I think it is completely true for the most part that this generation definitely wants to succeed but don’t want to work hard to do so. I even see it in myself. I’m not a lazy person whatsoever, but in a strange way, in the back of my mind i almost feel like things shouldn’t be hard but rather easy and almost just come to me. I haven’t been necessarily raised this way by my parents but in today’s society as I grew up, that’s the feeling I’ve gotten. Like the news anchor lady said how any more there is all this “equal treatment between winners and losers,” this IS B.S. in its finest form. It’s because of this that kids of this generation feel like its okay to be mediocre and still should deserve the same result/treatment as someone who is say a CEO of a fortune 500 company. Chances are the person who is the CEO of that company has probably been working 70 hour weeks ever since they got out of college. But for some reason the majority of people of this generation don’t truly understand that you actually have to work hard in order to survive, basically. So I do believe that what these people are saying is true because I myself see it every day with lazy people expecting results from little to no effort, and I see it in myself too because this habit is something I’ve picked up as I’ve gotten older. Time to lose it!

  7. I believe that there’s no saying what generation is the best and there not painting an acurate picture for our generation. People are saying that the older generation was the best and generation y are lazy and they don’t want to put effort in, I Don’t agree with that. First of all not everybody in generation y is lazy but there may be some people who are, and people in the older generations are not all hard workers but some of them are. So I think it doesn’t matter if you’re in generation y or the older generation if you want to get something done and be successful then weather you’re in generation y or the older generation if you have that drive then you’ll get it done no matter what generation you’re in. So I personally believe there not painting an acurate picture of us and this whole thing about what generation is better is pointless because it just depends on what type of person you are if your going to be sucessful not the generation you are in.

  8. “Generation Y…Waste of Space? Or our Bright Future”

    Well, either way, we’re stuck with us… Yet, I must say that my overall opinion of the motivational drive for education and careers in many of peers is either extremely lacking or nonexistent. There are literally students who brag about how long they’ve gone without reading a book. Congrats, you’re illiterate and giving the rest of us a bad name.

    Students are also far whinier and overall pathetic at times. Suicide rates are up. Maybe because people are so passive they’re unable to stand up for themselves? Why don’t some people have jobs? Mommy and Daddy pay for everything, so why should they?

    If I had to pick a greatest generation, I would stick with the popular belief of the generation of baby boomers. There was just so much more of an energy towards the American Dream (Capitalism, basically). These were people who were willing to do whatever it takes for their beliefs. When the Civil Rights movement came around, people got it done! They were willing to die for it. Today, where are the rallies for causes just as controversial such as gay marriage? People just don’t seem to have the will.
    Overall, I wouldn’t argue in my generation’s favor as being the best anytime soon.

  9. I think our generation generally does not quite paint a good picture. I do believe that most people around me, sometimes myself included, are used to having things being simply handed to them. There are people who work very hard and know that their hard work will pay off. But for the most part, our generation is very dependent on technology and other resources that make the way we do daily things different. I can only see this getting worse for future generations.

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