Raw or JPG?

File formats…what do they mean?

One of the skill sets you should be developing as a designer is knowing what the various file formats that exist are and in what circumstances are they best suited. I have put a link to a great resources on my website that explains the various common file formats in the design world. Read over each file format and take note of their advantages and disadvantages.

Then, read the following article comparing raw editing vs JPG editing with regard to photography.

Finally, make a blog post titled, “File Formats in Design and Photography.”

In that blog entry, copy and past the following scenarios into your editor. List what file format you think would be best suited for each situation and why (1-2 sentences max).

  • Designing a logo to place as your profile picture on Facebook.
  • Designing a T-Shirt to be screen printed
  • Placing a photo onto a PowerPoint presentation
  • Designing a brand identity package to turn over to the client for use as they wish for future projects
  • Editing a photo straight out of the camera
  • Creating a custom wallpaper for your computer desktop
  • Uploading photos to Instagram with a transparent background
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