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Take a look at the infographic below. It’s no secret that employers are using social media to track and/or monitor potential employees. In the past, this generally was interpreted as ensuring that you don’t post anything that may be harmful to your professional (or personal) lives online. Now, having a social media presence can be a positive thing for prospective employers. Examine what networks employers utilize most often, and tell comment back on this article. Tell me. If an employer were to use your social media activity as a basis for hire, how well would you do? What does this tell you about your social media “persona?”

Social Media Employment

Social Media and Employment

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  1. If an employer were to use my social media activity as a bias for hire i wouldnt have anything to worry about. I dont usually post statuses on my social media accounts and when i do theres nothing bad about them i just mostly post pictures and there all appropriate and theres nothing wrong with them. Other people might have a problem because i have seen people get fired for having certain things on there social media accounts but as for me i would be fine.

  2. If an employer were to use my social media activity as a basis for hire, I would do well and leave an ‘okay’ impression. The employer would probably look for me on Facebook and Twitter since those sites are the best network for the job (being that I do not have a LinkedIn page). On Facebook, most of my settings are set to private. The only thing the employer would be able to see is my profile picture and banner. For Twitter, I have a separate account that I use of school. My social account is set to private and does not have my full name on it. Therefore, the employer would not see much information on my socia media except that I may be interseted in media, cheerleading and photography.

  3. “Employers and Social Media”

    If I were to be “graded” on my social media uses by an employer, I don’t think I’d do too bad. Based on the infographic, LinkedIn is the top social media site that employers use. I don’t have a LinkedIn account. But Facebook is holding strong in second place for almost every statistic. I am an avid Facebook user. Twitter is also in the running, and I do spend a lot of my time on twitter. I don’t post anything online that I would not want an employer to see, so I think I’d pass their test.
    Your social media presence can say a lot about you, and employers are smart for using that to judge how well a person would fit in their company. What you post online is a direct reflection of your personality, I believe. I think that goes for me, too. It shows who I am as a person, and I don’t think that would be a bad thing for a future employer to know.

  4. If I were to be hired based on my social media accounts, I think I would do rather well. I don’t really post inappropriate things on my Facebook or Twitter, so it really wouldn’t be a make or break kind of deal for me. I just post things that are happening in my life or something funny that I think some of my friends would like. I understand that companies and colleges are now using social media to monitor how well behaved their employees/students are acting online, but there are so many ways around it. You can now post whatever you want as long as you make it private, that way you can’t really be detected. Some people even make anon. accounts so they can still post want they want without being “punish” by what they just so happen to be posting. For those who don’t hide their online persona, could hurt dearly for what they post. If what they post embarrasses the company they work for or the school that they attend, the person could be fired/expelled. Basically, if you’re being irresponsible online, it could come back to bite you in the end.

  5. “Employers and Social Media”

    If an employer were to go to lots of people’s Facebook accounts, their chances of getting a job might be screwed. But what if employers were looking for positive things on social networking sites?

    My personal Facebook account went through a bit of a phase change over the past few years. When I first got it, I might post stupid pictures or song lyrics that I really liked. But as I started to focus more and more on my filmmaking and photography, I realized that I had a great asset that I was not taking advantage of. From then on my posts became almost strictly professional. Picture and film promotions are what mainly clog up my profile.

    Of course, I do still post some personal things that I want to share, such as my experience at the Green Day concert or different jobs I’m working on. I do this so that if an employer or prospective client were to come to my page, they would be impressed by its professionalism despite my age.

    Along with my personal account, I also have a specific Facebook page for Tyler Welch Photography and also Tyler Welch Filmmaking. As far as other social media sites, I use Twitter and Instagram under the username “tylerwelchfilmmaking” since these sites to me represent a marketing aspect if not a social one. In the past year, I also created a YouTube account called “Tyler Welch Filmmaking” to upload only film specific projects so that it can be viewed as a personal portfolio.

    Overall, my social media presence can be felt more through a business and marketing aspect rather than a personal one. So I would have no problem with employers checking out these accounts of mine.

  6. Based on my social media activity, an Employer probably would have a difficult time hiring me because of the fact that a lot of my social media activity at this point is social. I don’t necessarily tweet or make a status about marketing, business, work life or anything like that. However I do follow a good amount of useful resourceful pages that provide me with the information that I myself am not actually presenting to everyone on social media. Some of these are pages such as BreakingNews, HubSpot, SocialMediaNews, Alex Jones, etc. These pages do provide great information for my own personal research but like I said before.. I don’t necessarily present myself as informing the public and I don’t have a LinkedIn account in which these people could see my “professional life or career.” So based on this, at my age, an employer for a large business probably would not hire me.

  7. If an employer were to use social media activity as a basis for hiring me, depending on the job, I may not get the job. I do not have a large social media presence. I am a member and user of most social media sites however, I do not actively post anything that would sway an employer to hire me or not. Most of what I post is about what I am currently doing for the weekend or different trip pictures I have taken. I am not convinced that the picture of my little brother and me on the beach is going to push an employer to say that I would make an asset to their company. I do not tweet or update my Facebook status often even with more social things. I do follow some useful sources on Twitter, but lots of people follow them. If I was an employer I would want to know how what those sources says affects the potential new employee and I do not have anything on my social media pages that would be any indication. Also, the best network for employers according to the infographic is LinkedIn. I do not have a LinkedIn account. Without a LinkedIn neither my Facebook nor Twitter would give an employer insight to what my on the job performance would be.

  8. I am usually very particular about what I say in the realm of social media, steering away from posting angry rants or attacks on subjects that I may have strong opinions towards or against. A possible future employer would most likely realize this, as I do not simply say things all willy-nilly, but first look at the facts, next understand or straighten the facts, and finally respond coolly to them. I would suspect that these observable steps would give them a positive taste of me. On the other side, I rarely promote any companies or organizations, which could either be a good or a bad fact. Overall I presume that the employer would get a positive, leaning towards nutral vibe from me.

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