Digital Design II

So you’ve finished (or plan to finish) Digital Design I, and now you want more. Digital Design II is an extremely hands-on, two semester (1 credit) project based course that expands from Digital Design I. You will spend a considerable amount of time involved in choosing your own person designs. You will learn to created complex illustrations, logos, posters, etc., all while exploring current design trends (minimalism, long shadow design, negative space design, etc.,). You will create and maintain a working portfolio of all of the projects you complete as well as any professional development activities you participate in. The second half of the year, you are released on your own to develop your own style and projects. You will continue to modify and add to your portfolio throughout the year as well as reflect back on projects you have completed.

For some of the work past students have created in this class, visit the gallery here.

Additionally, feel free to visit the student portfolios linked below:




L. Hill

A. Eck

L. Beaver

R. Huling

D. Wrench

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