Beginning Your Portfolio

folder_portfolioPart of every designer’s journey is documenting where they’ve been and what they’ve accomplished. A portfolio serves as a visual showcase of what you’re capable of doing, your strengths, and even your weaknesses. The portfolio is the lifeblood of every designer, and is often the deciding factor for jobs and admittance to schools. Many designers struggle with not only what to include in their portfolio’s, but also how they will display the work. Both are equally important, although, content generally is king (that is, worry more about your work and less about how it’s displayed.

Here are a few good resources on the basics of developing a portfolio:

We are going to be incorporating a WordPress based blog/portfolio for this class. This portfolio will document not only your work, but your progress through the year. We will use this to develop a working showcase of your work as well as document your progress within projects, tutorials, and class activities. We are planning to turn this into a portfolio and a blog.

Your first step is to create your account by visiting the WordPress website.

You will need an email address (school email is fine) to activate the account. After activating your account, please watch the following videos on basic account setup:

After activation, I would like you to browse through the available themes. Choose one that fits your design style (at the moment…it can be changed later if need be). Remember what the articles above mentioned about establishing your brand? Your style of your site is the first step toward that goal. Think carefully about colors, fonts, layout, and whether it’s responsive or not. Do you want full page? Sidebars? Menu at the top? Menu on the side? These are all important decisions to be made.

When you’ve finalize that, your next job is to begin designing a custom header for the site. Each theme is specific about the size of the header you can use. Refer to the “Appearance” section in your dashboard, and look for options to change your header. You will see a size listed. That is the size you must design at. Again, think about colors, fonts, and the general style you want to have with this portfolio.

This is just the start…stay tuned for more.

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