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To go along with our other discussion regarding a school’s decision to monitor student social media usage in an effort to curb cyber bullying, a non-profit has implemented a different approach. You can read about it here, but the trailer is worth the watch as well.


What are your thoughts on this approach? Better than monitoring? Why or why not?


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  1. I think Be More Heroic is definitely a step in the right direction. It teaches students to be more proactive in their school and helps them reach out to others in need. I do think that if you combined the monitoring with the Be More Heroic alliance. The combo of both would make for the best way to combat cyber bullying. Be More Heroic would keep old school bullying to a minimum and the monitoring would have prevent cyber bullying online.

  2. I think Be More Heroic has a good idea and good intentions but my question is would it really work? It does teach students to be better but, would they actually be better to other people? I know some students have the morals not to bully people because that is how they were raised but if you think about it its hard to say if it would even work. Students might hear what there saying but some don’t listen to what is being said some don’t even pay attention to the assembly some don’t even agree with what is being said. I think monitering is a better alternative because its more forceful it forces kids to think about what is going to be said because they are being monitored and they are going to get caught for bullying someone. The basic idea here is that most kids don’t pay attention to things like Be More Heroic and, its basically gonna go through one ear and out the other.

  3. I do think Be More Heroic is a good idea, but I think it will not be as helpful as monitoring students’ social media activity. It is a respectable attempt to prevent bullying and the like because it provides every individual with a chance to ask for protection, as well as find protection. However, I fear that far too many victims will feel too ashamed to seek such help (possibly because they believe that if their bullies realize they are looking for protection, the bullies will not go away, but simply become more clever and even more difficult to label), the program missing a vast number of students in need. As 14esander suggested, I agree that a combination of both this program and monitoring students will be the best way to decrease bullying and other inappropriate behaviors.

  4. “Be More Heroic”

    While I will not stand down on my opinions before mentioned in the post about the school in California, I will say that if one of these options of monitoring bullying had to be implemented, I would prefer the more personal and less privacy infringing option of “Be More Heroic”. “Be More Heroic” is a program that works basically as a group of motivational speakers traveling to schools, but trying to keep the ideas spread in their program active after their initial show. I doubt the actual success that even a more personal approach as this. Many students might be apprehensive to share information with these total strangers. Also, how would these representatives get the time to deal with students on a case to case basis while still having time to work with more than one school? While it may be an admirable cause, this method may not yield extremely successful results.

  5. “Be More Heroic”

    I personally believe that this campaign is one of the few answers that we should be looking for. I feel that it attacks the issue of bullying head on instead of just trying to stop episodes of disaster from happening. What I mean is that basically the circumstances and fire that is behind bullying can itself be extinguished through campaigns such as this. This type of campaign approaches the the underlying issue behind bullying and that is, to be honest, low moral standards. A plethora of kids are raised in this manner, more indirectly than directly, in a way that their parents just don’t care and the kids develop bad habits of really just trying to make themselves feel better. With a direct head on approach like Be More Heroic, kids take a stand against bullying by reaching out to others who are bullied and this lowers and lowers the amount of “targets” that these bullies may have in their cross hairs. I believe this method is better than the monitoring method because this doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights and it is better when people meet and discuss things with others face to face.

  6. Be More Heroic is definitely another useful way to prevent cyberbullying. I think the dubs could be a new, unique way to let others be aware of cyberbullying, as well. I think visiting schools and reaching out to students would be a good idea except for some students in schools treat school assemblies, especially about bullying, as a joke.

  7. I think be more heroic is a really good thing and it is a better approach to cyber bullying than to just monitor everything the students do on there social media accounts like the other school did. This program is good in my opinion because they aren’t just giving a lecture there actually connecting with the kids and relating to them and I think that’s a really good thing and that’s what they need to do to get the message to the kids.

  8. Telling students not to bully anymore is something they have heard a thousand times. The one hour assemblies are not working because bullying has not stopped. Monitoring the student at all times can not only be ineffective and a waste of time but also an invasion of privacy. This Be More Heroic is a step in the right direction when it comes to bullying prevention. I am not sure how effective it would be at stopping cyber bullying, but I think it a good place to start. Monitoring students can still be a part of the fight against cyber bullying and maybe in conjunction with the Be More Heroic it would really make a difference. However the one key element that schools need to truly stop cyber bullying is the support of the students. If students can finally be convinced not to do it no amount of monitoring will matter.

  9. I think that the Be More Heroic campaign is an amazing thing. If it gets kids interested and keeps their attention long enough for them to give it a second thought.. It’s worth it. This non profit organization helps kids getting bullied, in a way that is less aggressive but just as affective as monitoring. I’m all for this approach to cyber bullying.

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