Aperture/DOF Introduction

This is part II of the three part’s that control exposure (remember the exposure triangle)? We’ve already explore shutter speed, how it’s controlled, and what aspect of photography it allows us to focus on (motion control). In this second part, we are focusing on aperture.

To kick things off, download this document.

Then make a blog post titled, “Introduction to Aperture.” In this blog post write a summary of what you learned regarding aperture. Be sure to include the following items in your summary:

  • Definition of aperture
  • How aperture is measured
  • Definition of depth of field
  • Definition of large depth of field
  • Definition of shallow depth of field
  • Definition of a “stop”
  • Uses for large depth of field photos
  • Uses for shallow depth of field photos

When finished, download this document for later use.

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