Advertisement Project

For this project, you will be creating a new advertisement for a Nike campaign focused on the statement, “Find Your Motivation.”¬†You are to create a custom design as well as provide all photographs for the advertisement work. This advertisement will need to meet various content areas including the following:

  • Two page magazine spread (8″ x 10.5″)
  • Web Banner (Leaderboard – 728px x 90px)
  • Facebook Advertisement (1200px X 628px)
  • Instagram Advertisement (1080px x 1080px)

1st Stage (Research):

For this stage, you will research various advertisement campaigns. These can be in any industry, but it would be smart to include Nike or a similar athletic brand in your research to help spur ideas. Choose two advertisement campaigns you found during your research and review them on your blog. Make a new post titled, “Advertisement Campaign Reviews.” In this blog write a 2-3 paragraph summary addressing the following findings:

  • Summary of the campaign (what is it about)?
  • Who seems to be the target audience?
  • What formats/media were used (Social Media, Video, Photo, Print, etc.)?
  • What is the overall style of the design (Modern, Minimalist, Formal, Playful, Dramatic, etc.)?

2nd Stage (Planning):

For this stage, you need to plan for implementation. Make a new post on your blog titled, “Find Your Motivation Campaign-Planning Stage.” In this post, address the following items:

  • What is the main focus of your campaign going to be? Will you be using products, clothing, a person, a combination? What are you going to be using in your imagery/design to drive home the the campaign slogan?
  • What type of photos do you feel are best suited for this project? Are you planning to use different photos for each format required (Instagram, print, etc.)?
  • What color scheme do you feel would work best? Why?
  • What type of fonts do you plan to use? Why?
  • How many days will you need for the photos?
    • What locations are you going to use?
    • Is weather going to be a factor?
    • Will you need a studio lighting/backdrop?

3rd Stage (Implementation and Execution):

This is the heavy lifting stage, so to speak. It’s time to begin the process of shooting photos and getting designs roughed in. Early in this stage, I want you to create the following:

  • Thumbnail sketches of each media format
  • Rough of the magazine spread
  • Potential shot list (photos)
  • Font List (and their uses within the design)
  • Body copy for each media format (include on thumbnail sketch)

After that is completed, you may begin shooting and designing. When putting everything in place, keep in mind the purpose of each media piece as they all have different goals. You picture choice and format for an Instagram ad is going to be a little different than a two page magazine spread ad for instance. We want each entity you feel connected to the whole campaign, yet different enough that it has it’s own feel.

4th Stage (Exporting):

For this stage, pay careful attention to the required formats. Make sure you are exporting correctly, and utilizing just the artboard boundaries. All finished files should be renamed following the outline below:

  • Lastname_Spread
  • Lastname_Banner
  • Lastname_Facebook_Ad
  • Lastname_Instagram_Ad

Place all of these finished files in the “Advertisement Project” folder off of the CommTech>Projects directory.

5th Stage (Analysis):

When complete, make a blog post titled, “Nike-Find Your Motivation Campaign.” In the post, attach your finished items (be sure to caption them with a description). Reflect on your project with 2-3 paragraphs addressing the following items:

  • Are you satisfied with the final campaign design? Why or why not?
  • Did your final design meet your goals?
  • Do you feel the design has a certain feel that works well with the intended message for finding your motivation?
  • Are there any areas in which your final design(s) could be improved? If so, what would you do to improve them?



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