ACA Review #2

This is second review/practice in preparation for the ACA exam. Please refer to the Study Guide (specifically pages 11-9 (second section on Opacity Masks). Read them, and complete the following checklist items.

  • Turn Rulers on/off
  • Turn on the document Grid
  • Show were guides preferences are located
  • Create ruler guides
  • Demonstrate bleed setting location
  • Identify the parts of the layers panel
    • How to create layers
    • How to duplicate layers
    • How to delete layers
    • Renaming a layer
    • How to release an item to a layer
  • Demonstrate how to create a clipping mask
  • Demonstrate how to create an opacity mask

All red items above indicate you need to take screenshots of these tasks (Cmd + Shift + 4).

Make a blog post titled, “ACA Review #2” and post your screenshots. Be sure to note of any keyboard shortcuts you learned during the process.

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