ACA Prep Going Forward

We’re entering the home stretch for the ACA preparation. We’re also nearing the home stretch for the end of the year. As such, we’re going to be juggling projects in class with ACA preparation that you must complete during that same time. To assist you with this time management, I’m going to provide you with check points along the way that I would like you to complete. Refer to this post regularly to verify where you should be at all times. Each checkpoint will be accompanied by a Kahoot review session.

Lynda Tutorial


Week 1 (3/20-3/24)
  1. Complete Section¬†3 “Exam Objectives: Set Project Requirements”
  2. Complete Section 4 “Exam Objectives: Identify Design Elements”

Week 2 (3/27-3/31)

  1. Complete Section 5 “Exam Objectives: Understanding Illustrator”

Week 3 (4/3-4/7)

  1. Complete Section 6¬†“Exam Objectives: Create Graphics”
  2. Complete Section 7 “Exam Objectives : Archive, Export, and Publish Graphics”
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