A Wake Up Call

A Wake Up Call. We’re Changing. Should You?


This may come as a shock to some, but this course is changing. The title, Communications Technology, is very broad, yet we have focused much of our time and effort on a very specific branch of Communications up to this point (Graphic Design). I know many of you are here because that is what you enjoy. It’s what you want to pursue in college. You don’t like video. You don’t like audio. Photography might be ok (you might not enjoy it). However, my job is to get you ready to enter the workplace or the post-secondary world with the best set of marketable skills possible. For me to do that, I must be honest with each and every one of you – Graphic Design is not always your best option after high school.


There. I said it.


Before you hit the panic button on me, let me explain. Rather, let me explain through the help of a few resources:


Graphic Design vs. Visual Design Difference

Why College Doesn’t Work For Graphic Designers Anymore (Op Ed Piece)

Digital Media, Arts, and Technology B.A. Penn State Overview

Why Graphic Designers Should Learn UX Design

With that being said, we are NOT abandoning the graphic design/illustration element. Rather, it will serve as a tool to accomplish larger goals and/or tasks as it would in the real world. The goal this year is to tackle larger scale projects (much like your advertisement campaign last year) that require several communication elements (Photo, Video, Design, etc.) to successfully complete. Having a skill set that makes you more of a well rounded “designer” will pay dividends in the real world vs. pigeon holing yourself into one specific niche.


With that being said, let me know your thoughts on this change. What are your concerns? Can you see a positive aspect with regard to this new format? Do you have any preconceived ideas of how this change will affect you in the final year?


Let me know by writing a few sentences in response below.

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